Superman (Cam Newton) The “Thief”

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My boy Cam Newton has been stealing since he was born. He first stole the hearts of Gator Nation when he committed to Florida as a senior in high school. And later in his college career, the story of the “stolen computer” emerged, only to add to his stealing notoriety.

Facing alleged rumors of cheating three times at Florida, instead of taking a suspension, he transferred to Blinn College. After a short time at Blinn College, he decided to continue his football career at Auburn. When he made his commitment to Auburn, he worked, and eventually earned a starting job. Throughout the 2010 season Newton became a polarizing figure in the Southeastern Conference. By the end of the season, he ran away with the Heisman and the National Championship.

What the Carolina Panthers saw in Newton is exactly what they have received. Newton has dominated since day one of his young career. When people told him that he could not throw, he came out and threw for over 400 yards in his first two games. When people said he was not accurate. He shut his critics up with a completion percentage of 60%. Even with a sub par team, Newton was able to perform at the highest level. Just check out the stats below.

GP 15
CMP 295
ATT 492
CMP% 60%
YDS 3,893
AVG 7.91
TD 20
LNG 91
INT 16
RAT 85.0

The most important number in my opinion are the interceptions. As a rookie, Newton was bound to throw picks. And he did, 16 total on the year. But I expect Newton to improve drastically by next year. As a rookie, Newton was able to steal the epic passing yards record that Peyton Manning set his rookie season. Numerous analysts have said that Peyton’s rookie year was one of, if not, the best rookie seasons by a quarterback in the history of the NFL.

Newton is the first rookie with 10 touchdown passes and 10 touchdown runs in a season, the first rookie with back-to-back 400-yard passing games, and the first player with five touchdown passes and five scoring runs in the first five games of career. Along with all of his records, Newton is currently second behind LeSean Mccoy for rushing touchdowns. Newton currently has 14 rushing touchdowns which is not only a rookie record, but a record for all quarterbacks in one season.

Superman to the rescue!

With Newton’s signature Superman celebration, he has given an identity to his heroics. The Superman celebration has spread across all of sports. In the last three days I have seen the quick flash of the chest six times. While Dwight Howard is the Superman of basketball, Newton has fully embraced the title for football. He has been stealing the spot light and does not plan on giving it back. His Rookie season was the best that has ever been seen in the NFL, even better than Manning’s.

I’m just waiting for him to steal a Super Bowl and MVP.

Spencer Montgomery


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