“The Christmas Story”

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 I hope everyone had a good Christmas. This is our first actual blog post, and to be honest we didn’t know where to start. We could start with the youngest MVP ever, Derrick Rose and his clutch shot (weird, it actually looked like he was an MVP), the Heat’s claim to the best team in the NBA, the Packers clinching home field advantage (thank God), or the Chiefs choking an incredible chance at reaching the playoffs: all were viable and interesting topics.

But today we aren’t talking about sports, okay who am I kidding, we are, but not in the sense of current sport happenings. After spending a delightful Christmas with my family up in Wisconsin, I couldn’t help but realize the pain everyone must have been through. I seemed to be having the same conversation with every uncle, aunt, cousin, you name it.

“No, Uncle Larry, I don’t know where I’m going to college.”

“YES, I am going to college, Uncle Larry, don’t worry.”

“No, I’m not going into medicine.”

“Yes, it’s a shame. Yes I will reconsider, thanks for your loving support.”

As painful as the family parties were (we had one Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) I made it, and there’s one thing I’ve noticed. No matter how loud my Uncle can get, how drunk my older cousin can get, or how boring the whole night can get, I still have sports. This was a grand weekend for sports, and I’m telling you, even Jesus must have been smiling down at the spectacles taking place.

And God said, "Let man fly."

After a beautiful mass in which everyone was messing up the new missal words,(note to all Catholics: it’s “and with your spirit” now. If you’re not Catholic, disregard this. It will have no meaning to you.) When I came home I saw Carmelo Anthony lead a shaky Knicks team at the Garden against a Pierce-less Celtics. I don’t see the Knicks making it to the Eastern Finals, not as long as Stoudemire doesn’t play defense. Kevin Garnett was hitting the 18 footer in his face throughout the game.

Continuing with the NBA debut, I still think Kobe Bryant has it. Sure, he should have pulled up for a shot instead of driving for a layup for the last second shot. And sure, he’s not as young as he was five years ago, but if anyone knows NBA basketball, they know that Bryant will show up for the playoffs. The only problem with the Lackers is the play of their ancient point guards and small forwards.

On to football. I’m simply going to give some running commentary courtesy of the Capelli family

“Only in the NFL. These guys are super-athletes jumping over a player. Are you kidding me?”

*an attempt at a choking sound* “The Chiefs blew that one.”

“My Raiders! My Raiders!”

“I’m telling you the Saints are dangerous. I’m telling you they will beat the Packers.”

“Tim Tebow go home. There ain’t no Tebow time anymore.”

“No one wants to see a re-run of the most boring game in the College football season. BORING!”

“I hate the Jets.”

“I hate Rex Ryan.”

“I hate Mark Sanchez.” (If you can’t tell we hate the Jets)

That’s not even mentioning the Packers game.

“Jordy can’t catch the ball!”

“Why is Aaron Rodgers yawning?”

“There he goes! He’s doing it again!”

“Our defense sucks. Unbelievable. We aren’t going to win a Super Bowl with that defense.”

“Why aren’t we running the ball…Oh, that’s why. Starks needs to hit that hole like ten seconds earlier.”

And that’s how I made it through my Christmas experience. I want to personally thank all the athletes playing sports. It was one of the best presents I could have asked for.


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