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Of all of the great rivalries in Italian football from Lazio vs. Roma to Napoli vs. Palermo, AC Milan vs. Inter Milan has to be the greatest. The Rossoneri vs. Nerazzurri have produced some epic displays of football and the passion that is involved in every tackle or attack thwarted is something for other rivalries to take note of.

In every sense of the word, Inter Milan’s start to the season was awful. Losing to teams that were cellar dwellers and abysmal displays of defense left management stunned, and so the manager was fired leading everyone to just mark this season off as “just one of those years.” However, the last ten matches for the Nerazzurri have been anything but bad, thus ending 2011 in the form of yesteryears. Claudio Ranieri will be no doubt elated with this great run of form and with their decisive victory last weekend over Parma, 5 to 0. Coming into the weekend, the pressure is definitely on Inter Milan to continue their great run of form and mark the resurgence of their title challenge.

Kevin-Prince Boateng will look to use his pace to counter against Inter Milan this weekend

Despite starting poorly to the 2011-2012 season, AC Milan has found their footing with the patching-up of a leaky defense and the great form of their talismanic striker, Zlatan Ibrahimović. Since that awful beginning to the season, the Rossoneri have just kept on chipping away at the deadlock at the top between Udinese and Juventus and with their steady comeback, they have surpassed Udinese in the table and have become even on points with Juventus, but leading in goal difference. So when they meet with their city rivals, Inter, this weekend, AC Milan will have to stay solid at the back and burst out when counterattacking with the pace of Kevin-Prince Boateng and the trickery of “Ibra” to land that decisive blow to Inter’s title hopes.

Although both of these clubs started the season off slowly, both have gotten back into the thick of things at the top with Inter Milan on a great run of form and AC Milan steadfast at the top alongside Juventus. Inter’s leaky defense has been mended with goalkeeper Júlio César in the best form of his life, and AC Milan has used their superstars to get them back to the top. The scene is set, and the lights are on these two giants of Italian football as they face off this weekend in the “Derby Milan.”

Jonathan Zinser

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