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In this week’s edition of Chatting with… we managed to get ahold of the do-it-all player out of Blue Springs South, Connor Harris. Harris, the Kansas City Star’s Boys Football Player of the Year, played quarterback, safety, kicker, and punter for Blue Springs South. He managed to help lead his team to a Missouri 6A State Championship, outshooting CBC in a game that saw big plays all over the field, especially from Harris.

Connor Harris (right) celebrates with teammates after beating CBC in the Missouri State finals. Photo from

kcyoungguns: Alright Connor, thanks for taking the time. After losing to Rockhurst in your 3rd game of the season, what did you tell your teammates after the loss? And how did that loss help you and your team later on in the season?

Connor Harris: I told them that we’re okay we didn’t play a bad game we just couldn’t put the ball in the end zone. I also told them that we new to work harder and move on and get better if we want to play them again in the playoffs

KC: Later in the season, you guys beat the Missouri 5A defending State Champions Lee’s Summit West. What did that win mean to you and your team?

CH: To beat Lee’s Summit West, that was a big accomplishment. They are such a great team and have really good athletes and coaches. It also opened a lot of people’s eyes and we proved we were going to be a good team

KC: Incredibly, for our readers who don’t know, you play quarterback, safety, punter, and kicker. Do you ever get a play off or time to rest during the game?

CH: Haha not really. I don’t play kick return so that’s my rest, but at the beginning of the season I came out a couple more times because I wasn’t in shape but as the season went on, I rarely came out.

KC: It seems like more and more players are specializing to play one position. How did you manage to play all these positions at a very high level?

CH: You know, I just want to help my team out the most I can, and I kicked and played safety as a sophomore, and as a freshman I played QB. So when senior year came, everyone wanted me to play it again. Luckily I got to do all three.

KC: Let’s move on to the State Championship game. Can you describe the emotions you were feeling before the game?

CH: I used to get a little nervous before games, but before State for some reason I wasn’t. I just told my self and my teammates that we have nothing to lose, because nobody in the state of Missouri (the media especially) picked us to win or believed we even had a chance, but we all believed in each other and so did our fans. I also think I didn’t get nervous was because I knew that this was everything we have worked for and I was just going to enjoy it no matter what happened. It was just the best feeling in the world.

KC: After working your whole high school career to win a State Championship, what were your emotions like at the end of the game against CBC?

CH: After the game, to see all of our coaches smiling and laughing and everyone hugging each other and just knowing we did what we had dreamed about since freshman year was the greatest feeling. Also, seeing all my family standing there at the hotel waiting for me (I have a lot of family who live in st louis) after the game was a great feeling.  For them to come see me play was amazing.

KC: Many would argue that you were the best football player in the Kansas City area. Could you describe your reaction when you didn’t win the Simone Award?

CH: You know I was a little disappointed, but I knew that it was going to be a toss up between all four of us. And Evan deserved that award. He is a great player and did a lot for his team throughout his career there. I was just satisfied to even be a finalist and to even be apart of that ceremony.

KC: Although you didn’t win the Simone Award, you did win the Kansas City Star’s Boys Football Player of the Year award. What does that award mean to you?

CH: That award meant a lot too me, there are so many great athletes in the KC metro and to be named the best, it was a great feeling because there are so many great players.

KC: Now that high school football is over, as of now, do you have future plans involving football?

CH: Yeah, I plan playing football in college, but I still don’t know where I am going, but I do know I want to major in Criminal justice and have a future in law enforcement.

So that’s it. We want to thank Connor Harris for completing this interview. Also, if by chance you missed our previous Chatting with… segment, check out our interview with Derek Hall, a 49ers practice player and Rockhurst Alum. And remember, if you know someone who should be recognized for the week in our Chatting with… segment, email Blase Capelli at or Spencer Montgomery at

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