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The words pro-style and dual-threat have been used to describe quarterbacks at all levels of football for decades. Ever since Brad Robinson threw the first legal pass in 1906, quarterbacks have only been catergorized within those two terms. Same as any other years, NFL teams are searching for that 6’4″ gunslinger to take their team to the next level. This year, the Colts are that team and are hoping to get their third Hall of Fame quarterback in the draft in franchise histoy. Andrew Luck fits the bill of the prototypical pro-style QB in any draft regardless of year, maybe even better. Standing in at 6’4″ and tipping in at 240lbs on the scale, Luck has been this years number one draft pick since he decided against leaving early last year. Coming from a Stanford program that runs a NFL style West Coast offense, scouts almost guarantee Lucks game is NFL ready. His career totals includes, completing 67% of his passes for 9430 yards and 82 touchdown passes. Luck also tacked on 957 rushing yards and 7 tds. To add onto his statistics, he won the Davey O’Brien award for the nations best QB, as well as the runner up in the Heisman race twice in his three year college career. Scouts have labeled him the next great NFL quarterback, but RGIII has put up equal or in some categories BETTER numbers than Luck.

Why has Griffin not been talked about when it comes to who should be the first pick? Though sports was the first institution to integrate in America, the perception of black QB’s has not changed since Doug Williams won a super bowl with the Redskins in the 80’s. Not many black quarerbacks are labeled as pro-style, but rather called dual-threat. In football scout vernacular, this means the player is a great athlete and fast but lacks adequate accuracy and ability to run a pro style offense. That is in inaccurate when comparing RGIII’s numbers to Lucks. Griffin had a better completion percentage (67.1%), more passing yards (10,366), and a higher passer rating (162.8).

Is RGIII not being discussed as a “face of the franchise” quarterback because of his skin color? Does his hair style not appeal to corporate America? If numbers alone decided who is a better quarterback, then Griffin wins in almost every catergory. Yes he can run, but numbers dont lie… HE CAN PASS, HE CAN READ A BLITZ, he does not need an assistant coach holding up a board of funny pictures and faces of tv personalities to play quarterback. Instead of making his ability to run a negative, its just another thing Griffin does better then Luck.                        

Michael Rose

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