Winners or Losers from the Draft

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Saint Louis Rams – The Rams had five picks in the first 3 rounds and picked quality players at each pick.  They started in round 1 with Michael Brockers, who will be a great run stuffer for the Rams. Next, they drafted Brain Quick, a big wide receiver out of Appalachain State who will help out Sam Bradford.  They drafted two cornerbacks in Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson, both have the skills to be a shut down corner in the NFL.  Also, they drafted running back Isaih Pead, who should be a good rotational back for the Rams.

Philidelphia Eagles – The Eagels have had an all around good draft.  They have addressed their pass rush situation by drafting Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry.  Also, they drafted Mychal Kendricks who is the most athletic linebacker in the  draft. He should be an immediate starter this year.  Lastly, they drafted quarterback Nick Foles who they will develop at quarterback behind Michael Vick.  Also, this pick insures they will have a good back up in case MIchael Vick can’t make it through the entire season.

Indianpoils Colts –  The Colts drafted Andrew Luck, the best prospect in this draft, but what they did on day 2 really impresses me.  They drafted 2 tight ends in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen, which should really help Andrew Luck.  Next, they drafted T.Y. Hilton who is a slot wide receiver. When the ball is in his hands, he has the potential to score a touchdown.


Seattle Seahawks –  The Seahawks have reached on every single pick so far.  They drafted Bruce Irvin who is there first round pick, but should have been picked in the 2nd round.  They then drafted Bobby Wagner, who I felt should have been picked in the 3rd or 4th round.  Finally they drafted Russel Wilson, the 5’10” quarterback and he probably won’t succeed because of his height.

Oakland Raiders –  The Raiders had one pick at the end of the 3rd round and picked a 25 year old offensive guard who probably should have gone in the 5th round. I’m not bashing the pick of Tony Bergstom, but I am bashing them for only having one pick in the first 3 rounds.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints only had one pick in the first 3 rounds and drafted Akiem Hicks.  Hicks is a high upside defensive tackle who could become a great defensive tackle in the NFL.  The Saints are a loser, because they too only had 1 pick in the first 3 rounds.

Jacksonville Jaguars –  The Jaguars drafted a great wide receiver in Justin Blackmon.  In the second round, they drafted Andre Branch at defensive end, but I am a huge fan of him.  However, there 3rd round pick was a real head scratcher; They drafted Bryan Anger a punter who is the highest punter drafted since 1995.  Bryan Anger could have been drafted in the 7th round.

Connor Willsey

One thought on “Winners or Losers from the Draft

    dynastygamer said:
    April 28, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Judging how the Raider’s draft usually goes, this year is a refreshing change of pace for some fans. Bengals also had one of the more impressive drafts, trying to combat Ray Rice and the Ravens with a few big, talented DTs up front, and Kirkpatrick for some secondary help is a great pickup for them.

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