The Struggles Against Lefties

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The “future” of the Royals was once thought to be Eric Hosmer. While Hosmer still has the most potential, and will most likely be the best player the Royals have, he has struggled immensely in the young 2012 season. He is hitting a meager .188 average. While Hosmer’s average is extremely low, he still appears to be hitting the ball well. The biggest difference from his last season performance has been the fact that Hosmer keeps missing hittable pitches. It is known that in an at bat, a hitter will see one “hittable” pitch. Last year, if a pitcher made a mistake to Hosmer, it would have been a crucial mistake because he was driving the ball to both fields. This year it seems as though he is over swinging on such pitches. Too many times I have seen him pass up or foul off great pitches.

Another important look into Hosmer’s stats blatantly show his struggles against left handed pitchers. Hosmer has only one home run in 173 at bats against lefties. Along with his power struggles, he continues to hit .225 compared to .299 against right handed pitchers. These stats have to scare the Royals organization somewhat. While Hosmer is going to be an elite first baseman, hitting seems to be the main obstacle holding him back.

Mike Moustakas has been an extremely nice attribute for the Royals. When Moose was called up last year, he struggled greatly, but Moose came to camp with a different body and mind this season. When he said he is in the best shape of his life, he wasn’t kidding. Moustakas has shown great improvements not only with the bat, but with the glove. Moose has been phenomenal at third. He has made numerous diving plays while eating up nearly every ground ball his way. He has also shown an extremely bright spot at the plate. He is currently hitting .315 with 3 home runs and 7 doubles. In the minors, Moose’s power numbers were gaudy. While he has yet to fully display his power, Moose has shown signs that lead me to believe his future will be extremely bright. The one flaw that both him and Hosmer share is hitting the lefties. Moustakas has 0 home runs while hitting only .222 against left handed pitchers. These two hitters are the future for the Royals at the plate, but aren’t proving themselves yet. With these struggles against lefties, the Royals will need Billy Butler to hit between Hosmer and Moose for years to come.

After winning the series against the Indians and splitting against the Twins, I am most excited to see how the Royals fair against the powerful Tigers. This series will determine if the Royals have a chance at turning this disappointing season around. The injuries to Perez, Soria, Holland, and Paulino have been detrimental to the Royals early success. Hopefully this team can show resiliency and find a way to keep “our time” intriguing.

Spencer Montgomery

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