2013 NFL Draft Quarterbacks

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The quarterback is the most important position in the NFL and the 2013 NFL draft quarterback class will be special.  This draft class may not have as good of a prospect as Andrew Luck, but it could have as many as 6 first round picks.

1.     Tyler Wilson Arkansas – Tyler shows a strong arm that will be able to make all the throws.  Tyler also shows above average accuracy and has the ability to fit the ball in tight spaces.  On top of that, Wilson goes through all his progressions often throwing to his 3rd or 4th wide receiver.  The only major downside is that he plays in a spread offense.
2.      Matt Barkley USC – Matt is one the smartest quarterbacks I have ever seen.  He rarely makes any bad or errant throws.  When Barkley sees he can’t make a play, he will just throw the ball away. Barkley is the frontrunner for the Heisman because of the weapons he has on offense.  Matt shows above average arm strength and excellent accuracy.  While Matt is the most NFL ready, he doesn’t show as much upside as some of the other quarterback prospects.
3.     Tyler Bray Tennessee – Tyler is a very young prospect who’s development was hampered some this year do to injury.  However, Tyler shows a great arm and shows good athleticism for his size.  Also, he shows good accuracy, but this is the part of his game that he must improve in most.   I feel that his accuracy was most affected by his injury.   Tyler shows good upside as a pocket passer and has the upside to jump both Tyler Wilson and Matt Barkley as the top quarterback.
4.      Logan Thomas  Virginia Tech– Thomas presents the most upside of any quarterback prospect in this draft class. He is big and shows great athleticism, while being able to make any throw.  Logan often extends plays with his feet and then makes a spectacular throw down the field.  However, Logan must increase his accuracy since his completion percentage was at 59% this past season.  An NFL comparison for Logan Thomas is Ben Rothlesberger.
5.     Aaron Murray  Georgia –  Aaron has been starting at Georgia since he was a Freshman and has been quite successful in the SEC.  Aaron has a strong arm and shows decent accuracy, but he should improve as a junior. However, the concern for Aaron is his height.  Aaron is measured at 6’1’ according to ESPN, but he is probably closer to 5’11’.  However, Aaron Murray has the upside to be Drew Brees due to his height limitations.
Sleeper – Zach Mettenberger LSU –  Mettenberger is my sleeper here because no one has seen him play in division one football.   Zach was expected to compete with Aaron Murray and Zach Cox as the starting quarterback at Georgia, but he was kicked off the team for violating team rules.  He transferred to Butler Community College and looked incredible.  He then transferred to LSU where will most likely be the starting quarterback this season.  Zach shows an incredibly strong arm and has mobility for a 6’6’’ quarterback.  He is also my Heisman sleeper this year. I could see him pulling a Cam Newton and win a National Championship, Heisman, and be the number 1 overall pick, all in one year.  The only thing I question is his accuracy because he hasn’t played division one college football.
Connor Willsey

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