No Respect (KSU)

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In 2011, the Kansas State football team exceeded everyone’s expectations. They were predicted by the media to finish 8th in the Big 12 and win 4 or 5 games. By now, everyone knows Kansas State football is getting back to the way it used to be. Entering the 2012 season, Kansas State returns the second most amount of starters on any team in the Big 12, behind only Texas Tech. It seems odd that many media members are continuing to discount the Wildcats in the Big 12 Title race for the upcoming season. Yes I understand they won 8 games by 7 points or less. Yes I know Collin Klein needs to work on his passing.

Yes I know the secondary needs to replace two starters. It’s also hard to understand the media’s reasoning for thinking the “ball won’t bounce” K-State’s way as much this year. Do they not realize that last year was Collin Klein, Arthur Brown, Consensus All-American Tyler Lockett, and second team All-American Nigel Malone’s first year as full time starters? Yes it took an interception of Robert Griffin to beat Baylor. Yes it took four overtimes to beat Texas A&M. With a full year starting under their belts for the four previously mentioned, how can this team not be drastically improved from last year. I don’t think people realize that. Another point of confusion is that usually when a team loses many close games in one year and returns many starters for the next year, they are picked by the media to win more games.


So how is it that a team that returns many starters that proved they could win close games, is predicted to win less? I am not even mentioning other key role players returning from last year, such as Chris Harper, Ty Zimmerman, Meshak Williams, B.J. Finney and countless others. Oh, and i haven’t even mentioned the greatest piece to the puzzle, the reigning National Coach of the Year, Bill Snyder. You think this is his first rodeo? All in all, I find it extremely puzzling that the national and local media are back to their old ways of discounting K-State and Bill Snyder. All of these preseason rankings are nothing more than bulletin board material that will ignite a fire in the players. I’m by no means upset by all of this talk, because deep inside we all know it means nothing and is just fuel for the program. As long as this talk keeps up, Bill Snyder’s players will continue to use it as motivation, and they will prove the media wrong, just like they did last year.

Sam Young

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