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For our latest Chatting With segment, we were able to meet up with basketball star Benny Parker. Parker is a 5’10” point guard for Summer Academy. Parker, a Nebraska commit, is a nightmare on the defensive side of the ball. Along with his defense, Parker is able to penetrate and kick extremely well. Parker managed to put up gaudy numbers in his senior year in which he averaged  24.8 points, more than six assists and nearly four steals per game this season.  Parker shows elite leadership skills that led his high school team to 2 state championships. Furthermore, Benny’s talents did not go unnoticed when we won the DiRenna Award, an award for the top boys basketball player in Kansas City.

1. How did your love for basketball come about? Is it something you have always played and excelled in or did it take a lot hard work to get where you are?

BP: My love for basketball came when I was little and always carried around a Balla DN playing on the little kiddy goals. I have always played basketball but at the same time put a lot of work in t get where I am today.

2. Is there any one person who helped your game on the court with advise? If so, who is that person and how did they help you?

BP: The person that has made a major influence in my game is my AAU coach Victor Williams, he puts in overtime with me in the gym to get my skills better.


3. Has it always been a dream to play basketball in college? Was it always a goal to play Division 1 basketball?

BP: It has always been a dream of mine to play college ball and a goal of mine to play division one ball. I have always wanted to play with the best players in the country and I am extremely excited to have been given the chance to play against the best.

4. What was the deciding factor to you committing to the University of Nebraska?

BP: My deciding factor to commit to UNL was the coaching staff and great facilities. I got along great with all the coaches and Nebraska felt like a place I could see myself playing at.

5. Have you spoken with newly hired coach Miles? If so, how has your relationship grown?

BP: I’ve spoken to Coach Miles and I was already familiar with him before and I look to having a better relationship down the road, not only with Coach Miles but all the coaches at Nebraska.

6. What is the one thing you look most forward to while playing basketball at the next level?

The one thing I look for forward to is playing in front of everybody and achieving a victory. Hopefully, I can help lead Nebraska to new heights.

7. What are the strong points of your game? What are things you can improve on?

BP: My strong point are my speed and defense ability, I can improve more on my 3-point shooting. I put a lot of work in the gym on my shooting everyday.

9. Do you already have goals set for when you get to Nebraska as far as being a basketball player?

BP: My goal at Nebraska will be getting good chemistry with my teammates and help improve the basketball program.

So that’s it. We want to thank Benny Parker for completing this interview. Also, if by chance you missed our previous Chatting with… segment, check out our interview with Derek Hall, a 49ers practice player. We want to wish Benny a successful future at Nebraska and possibly a follow up interview. And remember, if you know someone who should be recognized for the week in our Chatting with… segment, email Spencer Montgomery at

Michael Rose/Spencer Montgomery

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