Sixth Place?

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The Preseason Big 12 Media Poll was released the this past Thursday. The first two spots in the poll were not much of a surprise. The Oklahoma Sooners were picked first, and the West Virginia Mountaineers were picked behind OU. The most puzzling selection was putting the Kansas State Wildcats sixth.  Let that sink in for a moment. A team that returns the second most starters in the league behind Texas Tech, and is coming off of a season in which they won 10 games and finished second in the conference standings, is picked sixth?

It has become very apparent that the media does not respect Kansas State and the job that Bill Snyder has done there. It is also very apparent that the media does not watch very much football. This is a team that has proven that they have what it takes to win close games. This is a team that returns essentially every piece to the puzzle that they had last year.

This is a team that has had 15 players placed on preseason award watch lists, which is  a school record. You would think that the media would have learned their lesson last year when the predicted KSU to finish eighth, and they finished second. This is going to do nothing but light another fire under the players and they will come out as motivated as ever. All in all, this is just another example of how no one respects K-State. K-State will once again prove everyone wrong this Fall and finish much higher than sixth in the Big 12.

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