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I wanted Notre Dame to win the National Championship.  I am a fan of the Irish and I honestly thought this was their year—the year Notre Dame would finish undefeated and win the National Championship.  But the team from Tuscaloosa, absolutely crushed the dream I have visioned for so long.  For all Irish fans, the drought continues and we will have to wait at least another year for Championship.  I will quit beating around the bush, though.  The Alabama Crimson Tide was undoubtedly the best team in college football this year, and should be for the upcoming years.

Certain aspects of the game really stood out to me.  The Alabama defense seemed to control the Notre Dame offense.  The Alabama offense seemed to control the Notre Dame defense.  A.J. McCarron was red hot in the pocket.  He completed 20 of his 28 attempted passes for 264 yards along with four touchdowns.  Alabama’s run game was also impressive.  Eddie Lacy was similar to a truck in the game.  He broke tackles and literally tossed defenders to account for 140 rushing yards and a touchdown.  Freshman T.J. Yeldon also contributed to the rushing, tacking on 108 yards and a touchdown.  One of the most impressive stats of the night was Alabama’s time of possession, controlling the ball for just over 33 minutes.  Notre Dame simply had no answer to anything Alabama put their way.

Personally, I think Alabama could beat a few NFL teams.  The way they manhandled Notre Dame is mind-boggling to me.  Going into the game, I predicted a low scoring 13 to 10 win for the Irish.  Leaving the game, I will never try to predict a score again.  Alabama’s 42 to 14 win made me think, “Is this the greatest college football dynasty ever?”  I believe they are, but that does not matter.  There are enough stats to prove that they are.  Their 15 National Championships puts them among the most of all time.  This 2012-2013 team is stacked with future NFL players.  However, their one loss this year puts a blemish on their “Best Team of All Time” status.  I do believe they did not lose that game to Texas A&M, but to Johnny Manziel.  That, also, does not matter and I can save that for another argument.  Alabama’s play in the National Championship made the game one of the largest blowouts in BCS Championship history.

Another question popped in my head when I realized Alabama had the game won after the first quarter: “Is Nick Saban going to be better than Bear Bryant?”  To that, I also say yes.  In the last four years, Nick Saban has brought three National Championships to Alabama, giving himself four all time.  Bryant’s six championships poured into Alabama over a span of 24 years.  If you do the math, that is once every four years.  Nick Saban has three in four years.  At this rate, Saban could easily surpass Bryant within 12 years.  Enough with the math now.  Nick Saban is now one of the best college football coaches of all time.

Notre Dame is still my team.  I am devastated by this embarrassing loss that my team suffered.  I weep for Manti Te’o, who worked so hard to get to the title game, where he was a non-factor.  But I smile for Alabama.  I am happy to witness one of the greatest dynasties in the history of college football.  And the best part is, the dynasty has just begun.  For the time being, Roll Tide.

Drew Agnello

One thought on “What a Roll

    Jack Kennedy said:
    January 8, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Did you really weep for Manti Te’o?? Sack up. Notre Dame played in too many close games against mediocre teams this year. They could have easily gone 8-4 (Michigan, Purdue, BYU, Stanford were all close, two of those games shouldn’t have been). Them going undefeated is less impressive than Georgia going 10-2 with losses to Alabama and South Carolina. And they won’t be getting better next year. This year was a fluke.

    PS – There’s no chance in all holy hell that Alabama could ever beat an NFL team.

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