Top 5 Second Basemen

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Top 5 Second Basemen

The following article will consist of the five best all-around second basemen in the Major Leagues in my opinion…

  1. Dustin Pedroia– What can I say about Dustin Pedroia? How about I start with this: he’s really, really good.  Even in his young career, Pedroia has clearly established himself as one of the faces of the MLB.  The pressure of playing in a big market city like Boston hasn’t slowed him one bit.  Pedroia consistently plays 140+ games each year, which doesn’t sound like much but it is something that a lot of guys don’t do.  Through six seasons he has a lifetime average of .303.  He is also often associated with the phrase “Laser Show,” which is nothing short of accurate.  A great majority of Pedroia’s hits are literally laser line drives that give infielders almost no chance of making a play.  On top of that, he is a solid base stealer and has never made more than seven errors in a season.
  2. Chase Utley– Over the past several years, Chase Utley has been the cornerstone of the Phillies franchise.  Through thick and thin, he has been there the whole time with just a few other players.  While he is not as good of a fielder as Pedroia, his batting statistics are closer to a Pedroia level.  Utley has given himself a .288 lifetime average over a nine year career, which includes almost twenty home runs per season.  Unfortunately, Utley’s consistency has slightly declined over the last two or three seasons due to injury, but I still believe he is one of the elite second basemen in the game today.
  3. Ian Kinsler– In the number three slot, I have chosen Ian Kinsler, who narrowly beat out Brandon Phillips and Howard Kendrick.  Kinsler has been a very strong player since he came into the league in 2006, at the age of twenty-four.  Kinsler consistently hits in the high .200’s every year, but gets on base in more than one third of his plate appearances.  He also averages around twenty home runs per season, and what doesn’t clear the fence often ends up as a double or even a triple.  He is also a very strong base-stealer, and can hold his own on the infield.
  4. Howie Kendrick- I believe that Howie Kendrick is one of the most underrated players in the whole MLB.  His contributions to the Angels are often overshadowed by the accomplishments of others such as Jered Weaver or Kendrys Morales.  Unfortunately, I think his stats will still be overlooked in the future because of new Angels such as Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton.  In his seven year career, Kendrick has hit almost .300, with about 125 hits per season.  Home runs are few and far between, but he does drive in a decent amount of runners for a contact hitter.  The only real problem I have with Kendrick is his amount of strikeouts per year, but that can be easily fixed.  Look for Kendrick to maintain his role as a solid, everyday player under a cloud of superstars.
  5. Brandon Phillips– Through his first eight full seasons in the pros, Phillips has been nothing short of solid.  Known for his flashy defensive plays, he has only had one season in which he committed more than ten errors in the field.  That being said, Phillips can also swing the stick a little bit, as well.  He is sporting a .273 lifetime average, with 1249 hits in just 1188 games in his career.  Only once in eight full seasons has he played in less than 140 games.  Phillips has been a key contributor to the Red’s success over the past couple of seasons, consistently beating down on my beloved Cubs.

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