DraftKings MLB Lineup June 5th

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Kcyoungguns stays hot with the DraftKings selection as last nights lineup finished 471 out of 3,833. This result is the fourth straight day finishing in the top 85%.

June 5th’s lineup

Pitcher: Matt Harvey $7,500, Corey Kluber $10,900

Catcher: Stephen Vogt $3,300

First Baseman: Edwin Encarnacion $4,300

Second Baseman: Jurickson Profar $3,200

Third Baseman: Manny Machado $4,600

Manny Machado .jpg

Shortstop: Carlos Correa $3,600

Outfield: Jose Bautista $4,400, Adam Jones $4,000, Charlie Blackmon $4,200


Now we take a look at yesterday’s winning lineup.

Pitcher: Clayton Kershaw 22.5, Michael Wacha 6.45

Catcher: Chris Iannetta 15

First Baseman: Adrian Gonzalez 0

Second Baseman: Jurickson Profar 12

Third Baseman: Matt Carpenter 7

Shortstop: Francisco Lindor 26

Outfield: Carlos Beltran 5Franklin Gutierrez 7 Joc Pederson 17

Point total: 117.95     (471/3,833)


Spencer Montgomery 

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