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What to Do With Brandon Carr and D-Bowe

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Now that the NFL is locked in for another ten years without labor disagreements, the decisions on key free agents for all thirty-two teams can be methodically thought out and well planned. Although the NFL’s parody of a minute to win it free agency last year was exciting, it will be interesting to see how the plans for certain teams future change as veterans are let go to make room for the up and coming younger guys.
For the Chiefs, former first round pick Dwayne Bowe and CB Brandon Carr have played out their rookies contract and are looking to ink a new deal. Credit to both for actually playing out their rookies contracts entirely before asking for a deal they don’t quite yet deserve, kudos. However looking at the infrastructure of the Chiefs, many question if either Bowe or Carr are necessities for the Chiefs to be a consistent competitor within the AFC west. First scenario: they keep both Carr and Bowe. The chiefs will need a solid, not necessarily great corner to oppose Flowers on the other side of Romeo’s 3-4 Defenese, and Carr fits the bill. He is a solid player that will step up to the weekly challenge by opposing offenses who try to stay away from Flowers. Meanwhile, Bowe has made tremendous leaps in his career from when he started.
I personally still believe Bowe has more potential than his results show right now. Kansas city sports fans have tirelessly watched as former players are let go and then go off and have a pretty successful career. Names such as Damon, Beltran, Tynes, Allen, all fit the above description. Bowe gives the chiefs versatility in the passing game with his size and speed. If he goes elsewhere, in the right system, I believe he will join that list previously mentioned.
Second scenario:
They give up one or the other. With the chiefs securing their shut down corner in Flowers, will Scott Pioli be willing to fork up big money to Carr as well? Many will say we would be fine  getting rid of Carr and getting a corner in the draft or picking up someone in free agency. With Carr, it’s not a matter of production because in my opinion he is a solid player. It will be a matter of money. Bowe on the other hand (who at times forgets to use them on crossing patterns) has been inconsistent during his stint in Kansas City. Numerous no brainer dropped passes did not help the often times depleted Matt Cassel or Stanzi or Orton or anyone else who attended the open try out for the quarterback job last year. At times, Bowe is seen half jogging routes and not going all out on certain plays. He is too inconsistent with drops to carry around that attitude.
Also, the big kicker is the addition of Baldwin and Breaston. Baldwin, who some see as a identical player as Bowe, played well in a minimized role in Todd Haley’s offense last year.  I look for him to continue to grow on the field as long as he stays away from Thomas Jones in the locker room. Breaston gives the chiefs that vertical threat– add in a healthy McCluster and you have the modern day collection of NFL receivers.
I personally believe they will keep both Carr and Bowe. Bowe may be a little more expensive ticket than Carr, but I think Pioli will find away to lock him up for 3-5 years. Leaving more than enough money to address the grocery list of needs that consist of offensive linemen, defensive linemen, another back to complement Charles and more speed in defensive skill positions. With a trio of Baldwin, Bowe, and Breaston you have a solid receiving Corp. on paper. Also with Carr, Romeo has a duo of corners that, although this may be a premature comparison, resembles the likes of Ty Law and Asante Samuel in New England during the Patriots championship runs. It will take bigger,more physical corners in the new defensive scheme that Romeo brings tothe Chiefs and Flowers and Carr can get the job done. For the theChiefs, the decision to keep these two players are just a piece of theexpected off season moves by this organization. Only wins and losseswill determine whatever. move Pioli and the front office made as correct.

Mike Rose