“Tebow Time” Comes to an End

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“Tebow Time” is officially over in my mind.  I have finally given up on the man I once thought could do anything.  It is as if I was 6 years old and found out Santa Claus was not real.  Rex Ryan  decided Tim Tebow’s fate in the NFL when Ryan decided to start Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow in the final two games.  Even with speculation of Tebow going to the Jaguars next year and competing for a starting job, he will never be a true NFL quarterback.  In Jacksonville, Tebow will be used as a huge promotion.  It will work because Jacksonville is his hometown and those who live there are sure to buy his jersey no matter what.  Heck I will probably buy his jersey.

I still believe Tebow can be a good quarterback in the NFL, but he will not get a fair shot to prove it.  He will never be a good quarterback in the ways that Tom Brady or even Cam Newton are, but he will be as Joe Flacco is.  Flacco has been criticized for his statistics but still remains a good quarterback because of the wins he has.  Tebow can do the same for a specific team in a specific style.  The Wildcat is not the answer, nor is the typical drop back passing style Tim Tebow is used to.  The style that will fit for Tim is a mix between Denver’s option run type style and at Florida where they trusted Tebow’s decision making more.  The one reason I think the Jets would have been better off playing Tebow over Sanchez is because of Tebow’s decision making.  Tebow would never turn the ball over 25 times in 14 games like Sanchez was able to.
Tebow Time
Call me crazy but I believe that the Kansas City Chiefs would be an ideal fit for Tim Tebow. While this will most likely never happen, I think it could work.  With the Chiefs, he would be able to rely on a strong defense and amazing running game.  The option run with Charles could work even better than it did with Broncos and Willis McGahee.  In short yardage, defenses would have to worry about Peyton Hillis and Tebow.  One thing the Chiefs have that the Broncos and the Jets did not is Dwayne Bowe.  At Florida, Tim had Percy Harvin as his go-to receiver.  When Tebow has a dominant receiver, he has success.  Tebow was never comfortable with the receivers for the Jets or the Broncos for good reasons.  With Bowe on the outside and an athletic Tony Moeaki at tight end, teams would not be able to stack eight or even nine players in the box.  Moeaki would finally be able to use his skill set with Tebow.  The Chiefs would use Moeaki as Aaron Hernandez was used at Florida with the option pass in which Moeaki runs behind the line along with Tebow and Charles to create three options for Tebow. While yes, he can’t throw a spiral to save his life but after watching him since his Freshman year at Florida, he gets the job done. He will complete the passes in crunch time to keep drives going as he proved in the overtime victory against the Steelers in the playoff last year.

The only true chance of Tebow going to the Chiefs is on Madden with me as the controller.  This is still something the Chiefs should at least look at because of how cheap Tebow will be at the end of the season.  All I want for Christmas is Tebow to get a fair shot in the NFL to prove that he can win for some team.  Since there is not an elite quarterback in this years draft, the Chiefs could get Tebow and be the next destination for “Tebow Time”.

Spencer Montgomery

The Other Peyton

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Call it thunder and lightning, bam and boom, or chocolate and vanilla but the chiefs have formed a new running back tandem after signing former Cleveland Browns back Peyton Hillis yesterday. Hillis, who was last years Madden cover boy, signed a one year $3 millon deal after being allowed to test the free agency by the Browns. Though it is only a one year contract, I look for Hillis to add much needed depth at the running back position. It is almost reminiscent of Larry Johnson (pre ego problem) and Priest Holmes.

Even though adding a back up for Jamaal Charles was needed, the Chiefs still have other needs at valuable positions. Needs such as upgrades at the offensive and defensive line and getting better athletes at inside linebacker. The laundry list of needs for the Chiefs is the most frustrating part about being a fan. So we can enjoy the signing of Hillis, but there are still so many more things that needs to be addressed in free agency and the draft. This is just one less issue the Chiefs have to worry about. Expect the Chiefs to make splashes with more free agents but nothing that will blow the fish out of the water. With the cap being in place, the Chiefs will be forced to spend money. It will be interesting to see which positions are filled via draft and free agency.

Michael Rose

The Badass Column: spring break chilling

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And so it begins. Spring Break 2012. Where boys become men. Where the day and night fuse into one big party. Where even McLovin can get some love. And then there are the troopers still at home and not on vacation. Bored and yet entertained by the jerzathon. Paradox? I think so.

Luckily for all of us stay-at-homers there are sports and more specifically college basketball. With the start of Spring Break comes the finish of conference championship tournaments and the soon to start NCAA tournament first round.

Sharpen your pencil boys (and girls).

MU vs Baylor Game

Ya I was at the MU Baylor game. I called a couple of people who called a couple of friends who asked their mom and somehow I managed to get my hands on some tickets, and the spots weren’t too shabby either.

My thoughts from the game.

1) Flip (Phil) Pressy is one of the best ballhanders I’ve seen, but is totally useless at the end of games because he can’t make his free throws, and Baylor knew that, fouling him when the ball was in his hands and forcing him to make his free throws (he missed a couple).

2) Michael Dixon might cost Tigers a game in the NCAA Tournament. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can flat out score, but he has some bad habits. One, he can get a little carried away handling the ball when a simple pass could easily penetrate the defense. And two, he turns the ball over a little too much.

3) The Bears will only ever be an above average team. As long as Scott Drew is the head coach for the Baylor Bears they will never become a “great” team. Take for instance his handling of timeouts in the Big 12 Championship Game. He decided to call a timeout at the 15: 34 mark in the 2nd half, leaving him with only 1 timeout left. The players go out on the court, and 15 seconds later after the ball goes out of bounds, there’s the 15 minute tv timeout. Talk about poor time management. The Bears had 1 timeout left with 15 minutes left. Not good.

4) The fans behind me were annoying. I hate when fans act like “know-it-all’s.” News flash, the refs are going to make bad calls, and you yelling at them will not change the call in any way. No matter how many times you call them a worthless jack@#$, this will not change the call. Yes, it’s true.

5) Perry Jones is the biggest mystery since the Hardy Boys graced my presence. One game he’ll score 32 points and the next game he’ll seem nonexistent.

6) Chanting Sec at the end of the game was classless. I’m sorry Mizzou fans but please save it for later. Thank you.

               Peyton Manning

Let the feeding frenzy begin my friends. Peyton Manning is on the loose and his potential suitors are putting their final touches of make-up to impress him. The Chiefs should not be one of those suitors. Before you label this as blasphemous, I think you should let the better side of reasoning control you’re thinking right now. With the Chiefs, yes, they need quarterback, and they need him now, but how wise would it be to pick up Peyton Manning. He’ll cost a considerable amount, he’s 36 years old, and he’s coming off an injured neck, not a broken arm or a hurt toe, an injured neck that has reportedly taken  three surgeries to fix.

The Denver Post reported that Peyton Manning declined a visit to Kansas City and Seattle. Photo from:

To me this all adds up to a Linsaster (you thought I forgot about him…you thought wrong.). If the Chiefs ever want to be a serious Super Bowl contender they need to draft a quarterback. And no a fifth rounder on Ricky “how was I behind Tyler Palko on the depth chart last season” Stanzi will not cut it. If the Chiefs ever want to reach that upper echelon of teams (think Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Giants), they need to spend a considerable amount of commodities and get Robert Griffin III. Because even if they do get Manning, and he does pan out well the first season, how long will he last after that first season? Maybe one or two years. (I realize quarterbacks could play well into their forties, but do we really want an aging quarterback for the next 5 years and possibly suffer through a Brett Favre saga?) So Chiefs fans need to realize that Peyton Manning not coming to Kansas City it is not the end all be all for the Chiefs next season, and he probably won’t because the Denver Post reported that he declined a visit to the Chiefs.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why you shouldn’t be watching ESPN these next few days before you fill out your bracket. Stay tuned

Blase Capelli

The BIG Question (quarterback)

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After listening to the local Kansas City radio station 610 Sports, I believe I have heard every angle of the Chiefs current quarterback situation. Outlandish fans saying we need to trade all our picks to get Peyton Manning, calm down that won’t work. Others say they should trade this years first round pick and next years as well to get the Rams number two pick, unfortunately RG3’s combine production made the asking price for his services a little higher. What about Cassel and a near $50 million dollar contract we gave him? From the looks of it, fans want to just throw Cassel out of Kansas City and start fresh at the quarterback position. Last to enter the quarterback Waltz is Ricky Stanzi, the pronounced savior of the Chiefs offense who was a steal in the third round in last years draft (that was a joke). All humor aside, who will be the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs next year. That is the question that is going around Kansas City, along with will the Royals win the World Series this year?

I doubt he was saying "I will be taking your job" Picture from:

Before Peyton Manning’s near career ending neck injury, he was arguably the most productive quarterback in the NFL, period. No one commands the attention of a defense like Peyton does, especially when he is at the line calling out fake audibles. His leadership is unquestionable, arm strength uncanny, and his knowledge of the game is one in a million for a NFL player. But a persisting neck injury sidelined him for the whole 2011-2012 season and now the Colts are considering Andrew Luck over him. I mean whoever thought the day would come that the Colts would take any other quarterback over Peyton, especially not a rookie. If the Colts do not pay Peyton the $28 million due to him by March 8th, he will become a free agent, then chaos will begin. The books in Vegas has the Chiefs at a 4/1 odds on acquiring Peyton in free agency. This is a tremendous jump from the previous 40/1 odds in January. The only team that have a better chance to get Peyton are the Dolphins, but if you compare the players that would surround Peyton the Chiefs roster would prevail.

Besides Brandon Marshall, who else does Peyton have to throw to? In Kansas City Peyton would have weapons such as Dwayne Bowe (he will sign), Steve Breaston, Baldwin, Tony Mo, and hand the ball off to Jamal Charles, pretty solid. This situation is reminiscent of when Joe Montana was let go by the 49er’s later in his career to make way for Steve Young, and came to Kansas City. Almost instantly after the move the Chiefs became heavy favorites within the division and even had Super Bowl aspirations. If the Chiefs pick up Peyton, this year may truly be “Super Bowl or Bust.”

RG3 performance at the past week’s combine was nothing less than stellar. It was expected for him to run a fast forty just because he was a former All Big XII hurdler, but seeing it was another thing. Equally impressive was the consistent reports from NFL scouts and GM’s who said Robert Griffin had great interviews and picked up the offensive and defensive concepts with ease. Those reports virtually eliminated the spread offense stereotype that said quarterbacks who played within the spread system in college would not be able to comprehend the complexity of NFL offenses. Though this was just a weekend of drills in tight shorts and shirts, but no one can deny how impressive Robert Griffin was. Saying that yesterday the Rams reportedly told NFL teams they will trade their number two pick. This created quite the frenzy for teams that are in dyer need of a franchise quarterback. The Chiefs are not that desperate for a quarterback, but the sound of RG3 in a Chiefs uniform sounds enticing. It would take a lot of draft picks to obtain the number two pick and may even require re-signing Brandon Carr just to put a cherry on top of the deal. This probable solution to the Chiefs quarterback problems would take by far the most effort and commitment.

Picture from:

To say Matt Cassel was overpaid is quite frankly my opinion and most of Kansas Cities. The production just has not been $50 million dollars worth. I understand he had a LINtastic storyline backing up great quarterbacks through high school, college and the pros and finally get his chance, but I think the Chiefs took a gamble they are willing to get out of if possible. But still the fans, the great loyal people they are, want to see Cassel succeed at the Chiefs starting quarterback position. The Chiefs do not need Cassel to be Brady, Brees or Rodgers and to expect him to be like the three previously mentioned quarterbacks would set fans up to be highly disappointed. If Cassel does not perform up to the expectations Scott Pioli and Romeo Crenel have for him, this may be his last in a Chiefs uniform. Depending on how much faith they have that Cassel is the guy will determine if they make a move on Peyton or trade up to get RG3. As for Ricky Stanzi, regardless of the quarterback next year, keep the towel nearby so when the ball starts getting slick they can dry their hands.

Mike Rose

What to Do With Brandon Carr and D-Bowe

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Now that the NFL is locked in for another ten years without labor disagreements, the decisions on key free agents for all thirty-two teams can be methodically thought out and well planned. Although the NFL’s parody of a minute to win it free agency last year was exciting, it will be interesting to see how the plans for certain teams future change as veterans are let go to make room for the up and coming younger guys.
For the Chiefs, former first round pick Dwayne Bowe and CB Brandon Carr have played out their rookies contract and are looking to ink a new deal. Credit to both for actually playing out their rookies contracts entirely before asking for a deal they don’t quite yet deserve, kudos. However looking at the infrastructure of the Chiefs, many question if either Bowe or Carr are necessities for the Chiefs to be a consistent competitor within the AFC west. First scenario: they keep both Carr and Bowe. The chiefs will need a solid, not necessarily great corner to oppose Flowers on the other side of Romeo’s 3-4 Defenese, and Carr fits the bill. He is a solid player that will step up to the weekly challenge by opposing offenses who try to stay away from Flowers. Meanwhile, Bowe has made tremendous leaps in his career from when he started.
I personally still believe Bowe has more potential than his results show right now. Kansas city sports fans have tirelessly watched as former players are let go and then go off and have a pretty successful career. Names such as Damon, Beltran, Tynes, Allen, all fit the above description. Bowe gives the chiefs versatility in the passing game with his size and speed. If he goes elsewhere, in the right system, I believe he will join that list previously mentioned.
Second scenario:
They give up one or the other. With the chiefs securing their shut down corner in Flowers, will Scott Pioli be willing to fork up big money to Carr as well? Many will say we would be fine  getting rid of Carr and getting a corner in the draft or picking up someone in free agency. With Carr, it’s not a matter of production because in my opinion he is a solid player. It will be a matter of money. Bowe on the other hand (who at times forgets to use them on crossing patterns) has been inconsistent during his stint in Kansas City. Numerous no brainer dropped passes did not help the often times depleted Matt Cassel or Stanzi or Orton or anyone else who attended the open try out for the quarterback job last year. At times, Bowe is seen half jogging routes and not going all out on certain plays. He is too inconsistent with drops to carry around that attitude.
Also, the big kicker is the addition of Baldwin and Breaston. Baldwin, who some see as a identical player as Bowe, played well in a minimized role in Todd Haley’s offense last year.  I look for him to continue to grow on the field as long as he stays away from Thomas Jones in the locker room. Breaston gives the chiefs that vertical threat– add in a healthy McCluster and you have the modern day collection of NFL receivers.
I personally believe they will keep both Carr and Bowe. Bowe may be a little more expensive ticket than Carr, but I think Pioli will find away to lock him up for 3-5 years. Leaving more than enough money to address the grocery list of needs that consist of offensive linemen, defensive linemen, another back to complement Charles and more speed in defensive skill positions. With a trio of Baldwin, Bowe, and Breaston you have a solid receiving Corp. on paper. Also with Carr, Romeo has a duo of corners that, although this may be a premature comparison, resembles the likes of Ty Law and Asante Samuel in New England during the Patriots championship runs. It will take bigger,more physical corners in the new defensive scheme that Romeo brings tothe Chiefs and Flowers and Carr can get the job done. For the theChiefs, the decision to keep these two players are just a piece of theexpected off season moves by this organization. Only wins and losseswill determine whatever. move Pioli and the front office made as correct.

Mike Rose

Brian Daboll, the Chiefs O-Coordinator

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The Kansas City Chiefs announced today that they have hired former Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll as their offensive coordinator. Daboll was one of the three finalists, along with former Raiders offensive coordinator Al Saunders and (gulp) Chiefs quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn, for the coaching job. Daboll was the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator in 2011. Now before you protest in shock (The Miami Dolphins offense?! Are you kidding me) you must realize that this was the first time in the Dolphins history to have a player rush for 1,000 yards (Reggie Bush) and have another player have 1,000 receiving yards (Brandon Marshall). The first time ever. I don’t care if you’re the baby from E-Trade, if you’re the first to do that for a storied team like the Dolphins, you should be looked at and considered.

Daboll decked out in his Browns (white) gear. Photo from:

Daboll has a relationship with Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel from their years together on the Patriots. Daboll was an assistant under Bill Belichick in New England from 2000-06. So he’s from the “Belichick Brady Bunch,” and might know a thing or two about cheating, spying, and basically helping Pioli hold down Arrowhead Stadium (new hidden seat cameras anyone?). After his stint with the Patriots, he was the Jets’ quarterbacks coach in 2007-08.  He was an offensive coordinator for the Browns under Eric Mangini in 2009-10, but we all know what happened to the Browns that year. (Ok I don’t, but I’m going to safely assume they had a losing season—again.)

I like Coach Daboll because of how well he can draw up plays and recognize defenses. Although under Daboll the Dolphins ranked a miserable 22nd in total offense and 20th in points (20.6 per game) this season, they performed much better in the second half of the season, and they were missing their quarterback Chad Henne to injury and playing with Matt Moore. And, although a small jump, it is better than the Chiefs offense, which ranked 27th in the league and averaged only 13.2 points per game in 2011. Interestingly enough, Daboll has worked with Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, who entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Patriots in 2005. Daboll was the Patriots’ receivers coach from 2002-06. So expect Cassel to be the starting quarterback next year.

This hire seems fitting because all Scott Pioli refers to is “The Patriots Way”. And since Daboll was with the Pats, he will fit in perfectly. I assume that Jim Zorn will have a major role in the offense as well because of his experience and the familiarity of the team. The major void that the Chiefs have is still at the quarterback position. It is clear that Matt Cassel cannot win a Super Bowl. It will be interesting to see how the Chiefs and Pioli address the quarterback situation and the roster with the draft and signing of free agents, most notably Brandon Carr and Dwayne Bowe.

And people were saying that football is done for the year.

Spencer Montgomery

Blase Capelli

Tweet and Tell

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140 characters. So many and yet so few. An amount that can get a point across, but still leave things to the imagination.

Oh, the things you can do with a Tweet. Having girl problems? Tweet about it. Watching a great game? Let your followers know. Promoting a cause? Spread the word. The possibilities are endless.

And in the sports world, it’s no different; Twitter has grown in popularity among sports reporters and sports fans alike. Funny tweets, serious tweets, stat-driven tweets, insightful tweets, they’re all there for Twitter users, but, amid the thousands of accounts, the good ones can be hard to find. Here are some of the Tweets from the weekend that stood out to me, along with some commentary.


Could somebody tell the Ravens that they have a double-digit lead against TJ Yates and this game should already be over?-Bill Simmons @sportsguy33

Me: Sure, Bill, hold on I’m going to call them. Let me get them on the line.

Phone Rings

Coach Harbaugh: Who the hell is this? I’m in the middle of a game. Aunt Annie that better not be you! I told you not to call me when I’m coaching!

(to myself) Whoah! He responded. Crap! What should I say? I’ll break the ice first. you can’t go wrong with that.

Me: Hey Coach Harbaugh my name is Blase Capelli. My favorite color is green. I like playing Halo. I don’t like…

Coach Harbuagh: I don’t care what you don’t like. Why are you calling me?

Me: Well, my friend Bill wanted you to know that you have a double-digit lead and TJ Yates is basically giving you the game so it should be over by now.


Bill, all I can say is I tried.

Just threw my hip out doing the “Raji”- 3guysinagarage @3guysinagarage

Does State Farm insurance cover that hip replacement or is it just a promotional thing?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there – with a replay to overrule a fumble!-Mike Engel @michaelengel

More like, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there- with a competent referee that can distinguish a clear fumble.

Throughout the weekend the refereeing was above average. There were no calls that changed the tide of the game, or calls that made your whole watch party yell at the television, or calls that made your Uncle Ned throw the remote at the wall. But when Greg Jennings was ruled down, and then the refs confirmed the call, it was clear Bill Leavy missed the obvious fumble call. The packers later scored on that drive, and Packers fans everywhere had their hopes up for at least one more quarter. Thanks Bill.

Ball drops are killing the Packers nearly as bad as they killed boy bands.-Faux John Madden @FauxJohnMadden

But that hasn’t stopped them: boy bands all over are Tebowing in thanks of the creation of auto tune while T-Pain looks on in approval.

Put Champ on Gronkowski… Only hope.-Nick Wright @getnickwright

Well, really, the only hope for Denver was for Tebow to utilize his divine powers as the second coming of Jesus, and through his power, curse Brady and Gronk. But then again, Tebow would never do that, because that would be a sin, right? But then he could go to Mass on Sunday and ask for forgiveness and that would be acceptable, right? Good Lord, this mix of religion and sports is confusing me.

Haley…. I know it’s you calling the office and heavy breathing in the phone. I have caller ID! It’s my office now-Romeo Crennel  @Grandpa_Romeo

Wow, this was a serious weekend for Pioli and the Chiefs. Apparently Pioli wiretapped all the phones at the Arrowhead offices. Seriously Pioli? Like the Chiefs didn’t have enough problems already? With the lack of original ideas coming out of Hollywood, I’m considering sending this recent saga from the Chiefs Organization to a movie company.

Man (Pioli) takes over organization. Hires friend (Haley). At first, the friends get along, leading the Chiefs to a playoffs appearance. But Haley sleeps with Pioli’s wife (or Pioli sleeps with Haley’s wife, take your pick really). The good friends turn into enemies, as they fight throughout the season. Haley’s fired (the apparent bad guy). Pioli hires Crennel (Crennel would mostly be in the movie for comedic effect). Later in the movie, the audience learns that Pioli wiretapped all the phones and didn’t trust Haley or anyone in the organization. Pioli (the real villain) is overthrown by rampant Chiefs fans everywhere.

As for the casting, I see Denzel Washington with an extra 50 pounds as Romeo Crennel. For Todd Haley, I like Matt Damon. Damon has that “me against everyone” role down perfectly (see Borne movies). And finally for the man himself, Pioli, I would cast Jon Favreau (I have no idea how to pronounce the last name). Although relatively unknown, he was in Iron Man 2, and he looks almost identical to Pioli, so it will work.

The recent antics of Pioli has spawned a new movie for Hollywood: Drama at Arrowhead. Photo from


Upon release of the movie, critics everywhere liken Drama at Arrowhead to Inception with its mind-boggling plot. All revenue from the movie is used to add secret cameras throughout Arrowhead, just so Pioli will know what’s going on everywhere at all hours of the day.

And for next week, if you want your tweet to be featured in this column simply tweet @kcyoungguns. It can be anything from a question to an insightful statement, from a unique observation to an insult, and everything in between. We would like to here it.

Blase Capelli