NFC East Expectations

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NFC East Expectations

Dallas Cowboys –  The Cowboys are a very interesting team going into the 2012 season.  The biggest problem for the Cowboys last season was their secondary, giving up 244 yards a game.  However, this off-season they signed cornerback Brandon Carr to a huge contract and traded up in the draft to get Morris Claiborne, the top cornerback in the draft.  If their secondary is fixed, they could be one of the best teams in the NFL.  They have a very talented offense with Miles Austin and Dez Bryant at wide receiver and Felix Jones and Demarco Murray at running back.  My only concern on the offense is quarterback Tony Romo.  He is a very talented quarterback who can make every NFL throw.  However, I question Tony’s decision-making ability because at the end of games he makes errant throws that cost them the game.

Prediction 10-6

Washington Redskins –  The Redskins are by far the worst team in the division.  They have a rookie quarterback in Robert Griffin III who will be the starting quarterback day 1.  However, I am skeptical in Robert Griffin’s ability to function in a pro style system. Besides the quarterback position the Redskins have a average amount of talent on offense.  This offseason they signed wide receiver Pierre Garcon to a long-term deal, which should help RG3 develop as a quarterback.  The Redskins’ defense should be able to hold its own this season. Their whole season, and its success, will be based off whether Robert Griffin III is effective.

Prediction 6-10

New York Giants – The Giants are the defending super bowl championships but don’t expect them to repeat this year.  The Giants lost many key players on their offense during the offseason in Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs.  The loss of Manningham will hurt the offense the most since it will force Victor Cruz out of his slot position.  However,  if second year player, Jerrel Jernigan can step up at wide receiver this will allow Cruz to stay at slot.  Again, the Giants should have a great defense led by their pass rush.  However, their defense worries me because as goes their pass rush, so goes their defense. Overall, the Giants have a very talented roster, but will not make a super bowl push because of consistency issues.

Predication 11-5

Philidelphia Eagles – On talent alone, the Eagles are the best team in the NFL.  The Eagles have Pro Bowl caliber talent at every level of their defense.  However,  last season they didn’t play consistent enough and did not force enough turnovers to be labeled a great defense.  Furthermore, on offense, they are one of the most explosive teams in the NFL.  The Eagles offense did not live up to expectation this past year, mostly because of injuries.  Michael Vick, the Eagles starting quarterback, missed significant time due to injuries.  If Michael Vick is not playing quarterback, their offense is merely average.  The Eagles are the most talented team in the division, but need to play with better consistency to make a Super Bowl run.

Prediction 13-3

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