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The BIG Draft Story

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Best player: Of course Andrew Luck and RG3 are rare talents that only come along every decade or so, but outside of those two players, I believe Trent Richardson has the chance to be a truly special player in the NFL. He’s arguably the best running back prospect since Adrian Peterson. He runs with power, speed, and agility. He’s also a receiving threat out of the backfield. The team that ends up with Richardson will reap the benefits.

Biggest bust: Obviously depending on where they are selected, I believe Ryan Tannehill and Dontar’i Powe have the highest probabilities of being deemed “busts.” While Tannehill does have the potential to become a productive quarterback at the next level, he needs a few years to ride the pine and develop more as a quarterback. Powe is what we call a “combine warrior.” He performed unbelievably well at the combine, but his production in college was lacking. He could be the next Vince Wilfork, or the next Vernon Gholston.

Sleeper: As an avid Notre Dame fan, I watched most of the Irish’s game this past season, and while Michael Floyd is obviously a first round pick, a player I think could be a very solid contributor at the next level outside the first round is safety Harrison Smith. Smith has ideal size for the safety position and has good instincts. He’s a high character guy and was the captain of the Irish defense for 3 years.

Chiefs pick: If Kansas City doesn’t trade down, I think the pick at 11 will be David DeCastro. DeCastro is possibly the best guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson, and with the addition of DeCastro, the Chiefs could have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. With a healthy Jamaal Charles and a determined Peyton Hillis, the Chiefs would be well on their way to leading the league in rushing as they did in their playoff season of 2010.


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Bust player: Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M has by far the most bust potential. First, Tannehill has only started QB for only 19 games. Tannehill ran a pro-style, West Coast offense under Mike Sherman, a former NFL head coach. Tannehill has mobility, he was athletic enough to play wide receiver during his first two seasons at Texas A&M. However, Tannehill’s lack of experience as a starting quarterback could make it difficult for him to have instant impact. Teams are going to jump on the bandwagon of Tannehill because of the need for a franchise quarterback. He is not the answer!

Sleeper: Janoris Jenkins is the best at man coverage of all cornerbacks in this draft class. While he may not be the best corner, he will surprise people if he can stay on the field. After being labeled as a pothead at the University of Florida, Jenkins has had to battle to gain a good reputation. While he has yet to gain a good reputation, he is an elite corner. If drafted by the right team, Jenkins can have the same effect Joe Haden had with the Cleveland Browns.

Chiefs Pick: Luke Kuechly, Line backer from Boston College. Kuechly is the best linebacker in this draft class. He has extremely great instincts that help stuffing the run. At Boston College, he managed to record over 200 tackles his senior season. With one of the Chief’s needs being inside linebacker, Kuechly can step in and contribute immediately. He would an outstanding fit in the Chiefs system because of his great flow to the ball.

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 Bust Player: Dontari Poe has the biggest but potential of and player in the 2012 NFL draft.  Dontari has bust potential because he didn’t dominate in a weak C-USA conference.  Also, Dontari before the combine was considered a fringe first round pick and after the combine he was considered a top ten pick.  Dontari dominated the combine measuring at 350 and running his 40 yard dash in the 4.9’s and showed amazing athleticism for a man his size. Another concerning part of Dontari’s game is his hot and cold motor he shows on the field.  Dontari will often flash brilliance one play and then for the next ten plays he will disappear.  However, Dontari has the highest upside of any player in the draft, but with high reward also comes high risk.

Sleeper Pick: My sleeper of this draft is Beau Reliford a tight end from Florida State.  Beau is a former basketball player who actually came to Florida State on a duel sport scholarship.  Beau is a big measuring in 6’5’’ 256 pounds and is incredibly athletic.  Beau shows a good burst off the line of scrimmage and is a good pass catcher.  The only problem with Beau is he isn’t a very good blocker. However, Beau shows great potential as a blocker with a big frame and is strong, but sometimes he plays soft and gets dominated at the point of attack.  If Beau is able to become a good in-line blocker he could become one of the better tight ends in the NFL which isn’t bad for a 5th or 6th round draft pick.

Chiefs Pick: In my eyes the Chiefs should play it safe and draft David DeCastro.  David is the best guard prospect in the last 10 years.  David projects as a starting NFL guard who will be a pro bowler for many years to come.  If the Chiefs draft DeCastro, the interior of their line will be set for the next 10 years. Also, David fills a position of need and should immediately start in front of Ryan Lilja. He will help to Chiefs to regain their potent running attack from 2010.

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Biggest Bust: Ryan Tannehill
In any other year, Ryan Tannehill would be consider a late second to mid, maybe even late, third round pick as a quarterback. But because there this years quarterback pool is shallow, scouts are coming up with more BS about Tannehill than a east Texas Rodeo bull pin. I do not see what the scouts are seeing in Tannehill. He had a mediocre career at a often times overrated and under performed Texas A&M team as a quarterback after spending two years as a flanker. Looking at his film, you can tell scouts want to believe that Tannehill is the guy. I heard one scout say, “Tannehill has the height that prototypical NFL quarterbacks have.” Really? Is that the only thing he has going for him? His arm is average, accuaracy is below average, his best attribute is his athleticism due to his stint at wide receiver. Miami will get him and I think they will regret it later on.
Sleeper Pick: Brandon Weeden and Kirk Cousins
 Weeden will be 28 when the NFL season kicks off and that is why many have backed away from picking him earlier than is projected. I actually see his age being a huge positive. For one, he 28 and married which means maturity is not a problem. He can come in and unlike a 22 year old rookie quarterback, he can come in and demand a huddle instantly because he is not a young hot shot coming in. Secondly, Weeden can play football!!! He has a great arm as far as strength and accuracy and he showed great command of the Oklahoma St. offense in Stillwater. I believe if it was not for his age, Weeden would replace Tannehill as the third best quarterback in the draft. I also like Michigan St. quarterback Kirk Cousins. He showed an uncanny ability to lead his team throughout his tenure in East Lansing. I believe beyond Luck and RGIII, Cousins is the third most ready quarterback to run a pro offense in the draft. Look for either one of these guys to be picked up between the second and third round.
Chiefs Pick: Luke Kuechly
 I mean he is a stud, period. With Derrick Johnson already in the middle, you add Kuechly to the mix and you bring in a tenacious tackler and playmaker from sideline to sideline. I would not mind Stanford guard, David DeCastro, but I think Kuechly is one of the more sure things in this years draft.

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Possible First Round Draft Candidates for Chiefs

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Round 1

1. David DeCastro offensive guard, Stanford. Decastro is the best offensive guard prospect since Steve Hutchinson.  He will be an immediate starter for the Chiefs and has the skill set to be a future All-Pro guard.  This selection would allow the Chiefs to run the ball more effectively. With Jamaal Charles being healthy and the signing of Peyton Hillis, the Chiefs could have the best rushing attack in the league as they did in 2010. DeCastro has been given extremely high praise from all draft experts. Most experts also feel that the Chiefs and DeCastro are a perfect fit. Drafting him is the most likely scenario for the Kansas City Cheifs.
2.  Luke Kuechly inside linebacker, Boston College.  Kuechly would be an immediate contributor for the Chiefs defense and could possibly start over Jovan Belcher during his rookie season.  However, I feel this would be a safe pick for the chiefs because  Kuechly doesn’t have much doubt about his motor and attitude.  He will be a ten year starter for the Chiefs and great locker room player. While he will not be an All-Pro or a Pro-Bowl linebacker, he will be a major contributor for whom ever drafts him.
3.  Riley Reiff offensive tackle, Iowa.  Reiff is the second best offensive tackle in 2012 draft class.  He would be a great fit in Kansas City’s zone-blocking scheme.  Reiff would not start his rookie since the Chiefs just signed Eric Winston to play right tackle and Brandon Albert has established himself as the left tackle with his performance in the last 4 years. This  could be a great pick in a couple years if we lose Brandon Albert to free agency or Eric Winston’s play declines. Overall the pick of Reiff would be a great insurance for the future.
4. Dont’a Hightower  inside linebacker, Alabama.  Dont’a would be a better fit for the Chiefs then Luke Kuechly. Dont’a is 6’2’’ 260 pounds and is an extremely versatile linebacker who can play all three downs.  Dont’a played defensive end on third downs in Alabama’s nickel package and showed he could possibly play outside linebacker in the 3-4 defense as well.  This selection would be a reach on draft night, but in a couple of years Dont’a could be one of the best linebackers in football.
5.   Trent Richardson running back, Alabama.  Trent would be a luxury pick for the Chiefs since we already have Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis.  However, Richardson is one of the five best prospects in this years draft class. Furthermore, he is the best running back prospect since Darren Mcfadden.  This selection would immediately make the Chiefs running and passing game better.  The only problem is we already have Jamaal Charles and Peyton Hillis at running back and the Chiefs can find quality starters at running back much later in this years draft.
6.  Trade Down.  This is always a possibility for the Chiefs with Scott Pioli as our General Manager. Pioli has been known for trading down and stocking up on lower round draft picks. With the Patriots, this method worked in numerous occasions.  This could be a great move for the Chiefs. Trading down would allow them to acquire more picks in the second or third round. Depending on how far they trade down they will still have a shot at drafting Dont’a Hightower. Since the Chiefs do not have a clear problem to fix during the draft, this would be a great idea to stock picks for future drafts.
Connor Willsey

NFL Mock Draft 1.0

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2012 NFL Mock Draft

1. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck.  The Colts get their next franchise quarterback.Quarterback Andrew Luck

2. Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III.  The next best quarterback in the draft and Heisman winner.

3.  Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil.  They get the best left tackle to come out in the last couple of years.

4.  Cleveland Browns – Ryan Tannehill.  They reach for a potential franchise quarterback.

5.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Morris Claiborne.  Tampa bay gets the best cover corner in the draft.

6.  Saint Louis Rams – Justin Blackmon.  The Rams add another young wide receiver for their quarterback of the future, Sam Bradford.

7.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Quinton Coples.  The Jaguars add another young defensive end to their young defense.

8. Miami Dolphins – Michael Floyd.  Miami replaces Brandon Marshall with a potential all-pro wide receiver.

9.  Carolina Panthers – Dontari Poe.  The Panthers draft an ultra athletic defensive tackle in hope he becomes the next Haloti Ngata.

10.  Buffalo Bills – Riley Reiff.  The Bills finally fill their need at left tackle.

11.  Kansas City Chiefs – David DeCastro.  The Chiefs draft the best guard since Steve Hutchinson.

12.  Seattle Seahawks –  Luke Kuechly.  The Seahawks draft the best linebacker in this year’s draft.

13.  Arizona Cardinals – Mike Adams. Arizona picks up a boom or bust prospect at offensive tackle hoping he turns into a franchise left tackle.

14.  Dallas Cowboys – Mark Barron.  The cowboys add another young player to there secondary and hope he can start at safety as a rookie.

15.  Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Brockers.  The eagles add the best run-stuffing defensive tackle in the draft.

16.  New York Jets –  Melvin Ingram.  The jets added a much needed pass rusher for their defense.

17. Cincinnati Bengals –  Trent Richardson.  This is the best pick of the day the Bengals pick up the 4th most talented player at 17 and fills a need a running back.

18. San Diego Chargers – Courtney Upshaw.  The Chargers add a great outside lineman who will be a good starter for the next 10 years.

19.  Chicago Bears – Jonathon Martin. The bears add another offensive lineman who could be a potential left tackle.

20.  Tennessee Titans – Cordy Glenn. The Titans want to run the ball better so they pick a lineman who can play guard or tackle and his attribute is run blocking.

21.  Cincinnati Bengals –  Dre Kirkpatrick. The Bengals add another corner back who could move to safety in the future.

22.  Cleveland Browns – Fletcher Cox.  The Browns a great 3 gap defensive tackle to play next to Phil Taylor.

23.  Detroit Lions – Jenoris Jenkins.  The lions add possibly the best cover corner in entire draft, but he comes with a lot of off the field issues.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Donta Hightower.  The Steelers add an inside linebacker to replace James Farrior.

25.  Denver Broncos –  Kendall Wright.  The Broncos add a slot receiver who will be dangerous when catching passes form Peyton Manning.

26.  Houston Texans – Stephen Hill.  The Texans draft a boom or bust type prospect at wide receiver who could be a great complement to Andre Johnson in a couple of years.

27.  New England Patriots –  Chandler Jones.  The Patriots add a lesser known defensive end, but he could be a star for the Patriots.

28.  Green Bay Packers – Whitney Mercilus.  The Packers add an outside linebacker to try to help take pressure off Clay Mathews.

29.  Baltimore Ravens –  Peter Konz.  The Ravens add the best center in the entire draft and with Matt Birk close to ending his career the pick couldn’t make more since.

30.  San Francisco 49ers – Andre branch.  The 49ers add another outside linebacker to their already great defense.

31.  New England Patriots –  Stephon Gilmore.  The Patriots add a cornerback to their struggling secondary.

32. New York Giants –  Lamar Miller.  The Giants replace bruising Brandon Jacobs with the ultra-quick Lamar Miller.

Connor Willsey