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Post Game: Ku verse Detroit

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KU vs Detroit Mercer Game Review
KU began its journey to New Orleans in Omaha playing Detroit Mercer a lowly fifteen seed.  KU was on upset alert before the game because 2 two seeds had lost earlier that day.  This unheard of in college basketball since only four two seeds had ever lost before this year.
            KU and Detroit began the game with Detroit giving KU all they could handle during the first eight minutes of the game.  At one point during the game Detroit was leading 21-19.  Through the first eight minutes of the game KU had played horrible turning the ball over eight times.  On average KU only turns over the ball ten times a game.  However, after the first eight minutes of the game KU took control of the game lead by Thomas Robinson.  KU took over the game with defense often making it impossible for Detroit to score in half court sets. KU finished the half on 15-3 run and then started the second half on a 16-4 run.  KU eventually won the game 65-50. Detroit shot a horrendous 31% percent from the field.
            Thomas Robinson was the best player on the floor last night and finished with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Jeff Withey yet again showed his dominant defense and the team in blocks with 5.  However, I thought Kevin Young gave the Jayhawks great minutes off the bench last night.  He had nine points, three rebounds, and two assists.  At one points during the game they had Thomas Robinson playing center and Kevin playing power forward.  Kevin had both of his assists during that set to Thomas Robinson.  Kevin looked to be a tough match up because of his ability to penetrate defenses and then kicking the ball to a wide open shooter.  Furthermore, Elijah Johnson played a lot of point guard last night with Tyshawn Taylor suffering from a leg cramp.  Elijah performed very well last night scoring fifteen points.  The only bad part of Elijah game last night was turning the ball over three times while only having two assists.
            KU next game will be against Purdue.  Purdue could be a tougher match up for KU because of there experience in the NCAA tournament and their ability to score off their half-court sets.  For KU to win they will need to disrupt their senior forward Robbie Hummel and senior point guard Lewis Jackson. However, KU should win this next game because Purdue won’t be able to effectively guard Thomas Robinson.
Connor Willsey