NFL Mid-Season Updates

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IM BACK. Sports are on and I’m settled in at college. Quick thing to gnaw on during your day, if the Royals were in the playoffs, Jeremy Guthrie would be pitching game one. Other teams in the playoffs would be throwing out there pitchers such as Justin Verlander or C.C. Sabathia. On another note, The Chiefs have created no story lines except for “what are they doing?” The NFL has many story lines like usual. One that stands out is who is dominant. Which team is the favorite for the Super Bowl? It’s not the Patriots or Packers like it has been in recent years. Many thought it may be the Ravens but with recent injuries to Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb, their hopes are in question. Most people view the Ray Lewis injury as more detrimental. They are wrong. Lardarius Webb was playing at such a high level that he climbed into the top five rankings for cornerbacks.

There are two teams that are currently on top of the NFL. While they may not remain there, they are the best so far. I once thought the Jets would be a sleeper team because of their defense but injuries and some guy named Mark Sanchez has destroyed their season. My other sleeper was the depressing Chiefs. The Chiefs were coming off an injury-plagued season. Jamaal Charles is now healthy and running the football effectively, but the same problem that plagued the Jets are plaguing the Chiefs; quarterback play. Quarterback play is becoming more important in the NFL than it ever has been. Yet the two best teams in the NFL have quarterbacks that are not relied on heavily. These two teams use all the weapons they have to be successful.

1.     Atlanta Falcons 6-0


The Falcons, led by Matt “Ice” Ryan, are currently the only undefeated team in the NFL at 6-0. The offense has been the best phase of the game for the Falcons. While they are undefeated, they still struggle in numerous categories, mainly rush defense. They currently rank 27 in the NFL for rush defense. The Falcons also struggle on the ground offensively where they stand at 25. They have played an extremely easy schedule so far in which the 3-3 Denver Broncos have been the most difficult opponent. The schedule will increase in difficulty immensely over the next few weeks when they play the Eagles, Cowboys, and Saints.

2.     Houston Texans 6-1

As of right now, I personally think the Texans are the best team in the NFL. They have a strong defense in spite the fact that they lost their leader, Brian Cushing. Also, the offense is a balanced attack with weapons such as Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. The offensive line is the most dominant, shown by their rushing numbers. The defense ranks 7th in rushing and 8th in pass defense. The biggest impact player this season has been J.J. Watt. Watt swats everything. If he is not sacking the quarterback (9.5, leading the NFL) then he is swatting the pass down (10). He has been a nightmare for opposing offensive lines because of how he rushes the quarterback. He is not an outside speed rusher like most players who, in the past, have led the NFL in sacks. He comes from the middle and wreaks havoc on nearly every play.

Spencer Montgomery