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The First Great Debate

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Spencer: So by now you’ve probably heard about the vacant coaching spot for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Blase: And like us, you probably have certain guys you want to see as the head coach. I mean, let’s face it, seeing Bill Cowher in Red and Yellow would be interesting to say the least.

Spencer: But our hopes aren’t set on getting Bill Cowher (we’re being realistic). We’ve heard the question discussed and thought we would duke it out ourselves.

Should the Chiefs hire Romeo (Bromeo) Crennel?

He wasn't given the nickname Bromeo for nothing. What a gaze.

Spencer: For me, I think the Chiefs should definitely hire Romeo Crennel as their head coach for next year.

Blase: You had to say it. Well, just to warn you, I caught five shrimp tonight at the Japanese Steakhouse (always a competition in my family) and let’s just say I’m on top of my game. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have to politely disagree with you: Crennel is not the answer for the Chiefs organization. As much as I love the big guy, I see some major issues with the hire.

Spencer: Let me explain, Crennel has the backing of the players behind him. After taking over the job as the interim head coach, he rallied the troops and managed to beat the undefeated Packers. That was a solid win. Someone needs to get a video of that Gatorade bath. The calm, cool “I’ve done this a million times” look on Crennel’s face was priceless. Not to mention, his headset was dislodged after the Gatorade hit him. Come on, who wouldn’t want a coach like that.

Blase: You’re right the players are behind him. But, just because he has the backing of the players doesn’t necessarily mean he should be hired. Having confidence in a coach is one thing, but if the coach can’t give the players the tool’s to win then that confidence means absolutely nothing.

Spencer: You do realize that Crennel arguably led the strongest part of the Chiefs team this year, the defense?

Blase: I’m well aware of that, but go back and look at the stats. These are the amount of points the Chiefs gave up each game respectively: 41, 48, 20, 17, 24, 0, 20, 31, 17, 34, 13, 3, 37, 14, and 13. That looks pretty inconsistent to me. And am I wrong or was that the exact reason Pioli fired Haley in the first place—he was too inconsistent.

Spencer: Yes, but you have to admit. Having a coach with a lot of jewelry is appealing. He’s been there and done that. His five rings are proof of that. And the stat with the points can be slightly credited to the offense that couldn’t move the ball or control the clock. And don’t you think you’re forgetting something (or someone I suppose): Eric Berry, easily one of the best safeties in the NFL.

Blase: But during his time as head coach with the Cleveland Browns, his combined record was 24-40. I think that’s a tell-tale sign that, while he may be able to handle the defense, I’m not sold he can lead a whole team.

Spencer: That’s what the offensive coordinator is for… We could go on for days, but I think we will stop there. Alright, for the other two serious candidates that the Chiefs are considering, check out the below information.

Blase: And please, Clark Hunt, spend money on Jeff Fisher.

Jeff Fisher

There will be plenty of sunshine in KC if the Chiefs hire Fisher, which will give him an opportunity to whip out his shades.

Coach Fisher was previously the head coach of the Tennessee Titans for a total of 16 seasons. While he is known as an offensive line specialist, Coach Fisher has been around the block long enough to know how to handle a team with “special” personalities that the Chiefs have on their hands (we’re looking at you Jonathan Baldwin and Dwayne Bowe). As the head coach of the Titans he led the team to a combined record of 146-120 in his 16 seasons. He led a 13-3 Titans team to the Super Bowl in 1999, but lost to the St. Louis Rams 23-16 (That game went down as an instant classic. One yard. Just one yard. I’m sure Coach Fisher and the Titans have nightmares about that play all the time). He has made the playoffs six times.

The Roast of Josh McDaniels

Wipe the grin off your face, Josh

Josh McDaniels’s resume makes me want to run the other way and beg for Todd Haley to return. At the time of his hiring, as head coach of the Broncos, he was the youngest head coach in the NFL. In his first season, McDaniels managed to go 8-8 in a division that was well below average. The second season was a disaster. The Broncos had a regular season record of 3-9 in 2010, when he was fired. He moved on from the firing and pursued a job as the offensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams where he was incredible at calling all the wrong plays. With the Rams, McDaniels’s offense put up staggering numbers for all the wrong reasons. The offense led the league in fewest points SCORED and was second to last in yards. The offense also was able to land in the top ten for turning the ball over (21 times). The bright spot on the season is the two wins, one against the New Orleans Saints… we will just leave out the thirteen loses. In regards to the Chiefs, it seems like Pioli wants Josh as a puppet, I mean head coach… Scott wants some one that will not challenge his drafts or his trades. That guinea pig could be Coach McDaniels if Pioli gets his way.