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New Sheriff in Town (Bruce Weber)

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After a somewhat short search for a coach, K-State Athletic Director John Currie selected former Illinois Head Coach Bruce Weber to become the new Head Basketball Coach at Kansas State. Having just been fired by Illinois this season, Weber was not a very hot commodity and was not mentioned among the possible candidates to replace Frank Martin. Weber reportedly interviewed at SMU early last week. Some say K-State made a bad hire and will go back to the mediocre days of K-State basketball. However, I believe different. Being a member of the Eddie Sutton and Gene Keady coaching tree, I believe Weber will do an exceptional job as the Head Coach at Kansas State. Only time will tell how much success Weber and Kansas State can have. One key to Weber that he┬áreferenced in his press conference was loyalty. Here’s why he will do a great job as the head coach at Kansas State.

1. He has won everywhere he has been. He brought a downtrodden Southern Illinois program to the Sweet 16, and won immediately at Illinois. Most will say his early success at Illinois was because of what Bill Self left behind. However, if he were a bad coach, Illinois wouldn’t have went 37-2.

2. He will assemble a good staff. Possible candidates include current Kansas State Associate Head Basketball Coach Brad Underwood, former Southern Illinois Head Coach Chris Lowery, current K-State assistant Lamont Evans, and a few other who well be a force on the recruiting trail.

3. He’s getting a fresh start. Sometimes things don’t work out like they are supposed to. Illinois recently got a new Athletic Director who also fired Illinois Head Football Coach Ron Zook. Maybe they didn’t see eye to eye, much like John Currie and Frank Martin.

4. K-State’s returning group is already excited. Will Spradling has said that he is excited and can’t wait to get on the court. Jordan Henriquez already stated that he watched Illinois in the Final Four when he was younger and that all current roster players at K-State will return

5. Most importantly, he has been to the Final Four. I don’t care whose players they were and how good they were because as stated before, bad coaches don’t go 37-2 with an appearance in the National Title Game.

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