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Top Five: Point Guards

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The point guard is the most important position in the game of basketball.  He controls the floor and creates scoring opportunities for his team.  This season, the role of a point guard has proved to be huge, as some teams ail without one, and others thrive with one.  Here is a look at who I have as the top five point guards who are currently in the NBA.

5.  Tony Parker- The five time All-Star continues to play at quite an elite level.  At age 30, the Frenchman has won three championships and has been putting up staggering figures since entering the league in 2001.  For his career, Parker is averaging 17 points per game, 6 assists, and 1 steal.  This year, Parker is recording some of his highest stats ever, averaging 7.5 assists per game and 20.1 points per game.  Parker’s San Antonio Spurs are currently first in the Western Conference.

4.  Russell Westbrook- He is a point guard who can butcher a opposing teams by passing or shooting.  Russell has both a signature pullup jump shot and an ability to attack the hoop.  These assets are helping him 19.4 points per game in his career, and 22.5 this season.  Not to mention his passing, dishing 7 assists per game over five seasons, and 8.4 this season.  On the defensive side, Westbrook’s quickness has earned him 1.6 steals per game in his career, along with about 5 rebounds per game.  Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City are second in the West.

3.  Rajon Rondo- The Boston Celtics look like they may not reach the playoffs with the absence of their offensive leader.  Rondo’s season sadly ended a few days ago with an ACL tear, but he is still one of the best players in the game.  Scoring wise, Rondo is not too effective, but his court vision is astonishing.  In the past three seasons, Rondo has averaged 11.3 assists per game.  To go along with his feistiness towards players and referees, Rondo is a plain nuisance when he steps on the court.  Here’s a clip of Rajon Rondo’s best passes from the 2011-2012 season.

2.  Derrick Rose- Like Rondo, Derrick Rose has had to miss this season due to an ACL tear that happened last May.  Although, Rose will miss essentially the 2012-2013 season, I still see him as one of the best.  He was the youngest player to receive the MVP award at just 22.  Over the course of his short career, Rose has averaged 6.8 assists per game and 21 points.  When I look at Derrick Rose, though, I see probably the most explosive player in the NBA.  His leaping ability for dunks is unreal, and he has speed like no other.  Plus, the Chicago Bulls are still one of the best teams in the NBA, even without their star player.  When Derrick Rose returns, Chicago could potentially represent the East in the NBA Finals.  The Bulls sit at third in the Eastern Conference, 2½ games out of first place.

1.  Chris Paul- Paul has led the Los Angeles Clippers to one of the best records in the NBA.  To go along with a great record, the Clippers are undoubtedly the most dynamic team in the NBA.  Without Chris Paul, L.A. would not even be in playoff contention.  Paul is averaging nearly 10 assists per game in eight seasons.  He is also putting up 18.7 points per game in what has been quite an illustrious career.  As a six time All-Star and two time Olympic gold medalist, Paul continues to work for an NBA Championship.

Jennifer Stewart-USA Today Sports
Jennifer Stewart-USA Today Sports

The point guard controls the floor, but the shooting guard is the one who can hit the big time shots.  Coming up, I will rank who I believe are the top five shooting guards in the NBA.  Stay tuned.

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