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Get Ready to Cut Ties with Bowe

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Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe wants a monster contract. He wants his salary to be comparable to that of Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, Lions’ Calvin Johnson, and Texans’ Andre Johnson. And it looks increasingly unlikely he’ll get his wish granted while dawning a tomato red Chiefs uniform.

When the deadline to sign franchise players to a long-term contract came and went, Bowe and Chiefs remained in a dispute that, according to numerous sources, was never close to being resolved. The Chiefs are unwilling to give into Bowe’s demands and offer him a hefty contract, while Bowe believes his extremely consistent play over the past 5 seasons has earned him an immense payday.

Kansas City wants Bowe to be motivated under a one-year contract, and the harsh reality is, they are probably very comfortable with the high probability that Bowe leaves in 2013. The Chiefs could still use the franchise tag on Bowe next year, but that would mean his salary would climb to 11.4 million for the 2013 season. The possibility of Kansas City giving Bowe the franchise tag in 2013 is certainly there. But if that doesn’t expose their lack of trust in Bowe, I don’t know what does.

While Bowe does try to be the best player he can be, sometimes a little too hard, he comes off as extremely unreliable, very difficult to read, and consumed by his own ego. Bowe has dropped too many balls in the 4th quarter of close games, ran the wrong route too many times in clutch situations, and has displayed immaturity on and off the field frequently.

Bowe’s report card contains as many question marks and sad faces as checks and smiles. Which is why it was hard to know how authentic his good-soldier performances were the last two years. Maybe they’re legit. Maybe they’re the act of a man who wanted a contract that pays him $40 million to $50 million guaranteed.

That was Bowe’s sin in all this: He seems to want so badly to be a superstar immediately that he’s not willing to wait for it to occur naturally. He wants to be a cover boy and an icon, and he wants it now. As Larry Johnson learned, Kansas City isn’t always the best place for that. As Kansas City and the Chiefs learned, a talented athlete who can’t fit into the organizational and geographical mind-set, usually finds his way out of town.

Those of you criticizing Scott Pioli for not coming to an agreement with Bowe and his advisors need to step back and look at Pioli’s body of work. Pioli has done a good job of keeping the homegrown talent here in Kansas City for the most part, as both Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali signed long-term contract extensions to stay in town last summer. Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson both have very team-friendly contracts and both will remain in Chiefs uniforms for the foreseeable future.

However, critics of Pioli for being a cheap owner are certainly justified. Pioli never seems interested in signing high-quality players unless the player comes at a significant discount. When fullback Le’ron McClain was a free agent last summer, the Chiefs never expressed interest in McClain until his value dropped dramatically. Fullback was a position of need for the Chiefs, but Pioli would only fill the need if the financial ramifications were minimal.

Earlier this year, the Chiefs passed on bringing back cornerback Brandon Carr, a homegrown player that developed into a very solid NFL cornerback. Carr flew the coup and signed with the Dallas Cowboys for a ludicrous 60 million dollars over 5 years. Carr is worth no where near close to that type of money, but it would have been nice to see Pioli and his staff at least attempt to keep Carr in a Chiefs uniform.

The Chiefs have been preparing for life after Bowe for quite some time. They drafted Jonathan Baldwin, a physical possession receiver, in the 1st round of the 2011 draft. He would likely be looked upon to fill Bowe’s shoes shall he leave Kansas City. Hopefully Bowe realizes that he can be a superstar, but only in the right system and environment. I’m just not sure that environment will be Kansas City.

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Chiefs Second Round Draft Options

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1. Mychal Kendricks – Inside Linebacker – University of California.  Mychal Kendricks is an interesting prospect at ILB.  Many people write him off as an ILB because of his height, he is listed at 5-11, which is small for an inside linebacker.  However, he has a big base and weighs an astounding 240 pounds and shows great balance.  Furthermore, his greatest asset is his quickness.  On tape, Mychal shows impressive range against the run.  If the Chief’s were to draft Mychal the front seven would immediately be more athletic and he shows the potential to be a three down linebacker. Kendricks is a very physical linebacker that adds tenacity to a defense that needs to get more “nasty”. Furthermore, Kendricks can lay the lumber on opposing ball carriers as he did in his career at Cal.

2. Kevin Zeitler – Offensive Guard – University of Wisconsin.  Kevin Zeitler is the third best offensive guard in the 2012 NFL draft.  What puts Kevin in the second round is that he could start at guard during his rookie year.  Kevin has to be considered by the Chiefs since they have recommitted themselves to running the ball in 2012.  Kevin projects as an above average offensive guard who could step up and contribute immediately.

3. Alameda Ta’amu – Nose Tackle – University of Washington.  Alameda Ta’amu fits the mold of a perfect 3-4 nose tackle.  He is 6’2″ and 348 pound and shows the ability to dominate one on one blocking situations.  Alameda constantly demanded double teams at Washington and significantly improved his dominance at the point of attack between his junior and senior season.  If the Chiefs draft Alameda Ta’amu, they are saying that the progression of last years six round pick Jerrel Powe is not where they want.

4. Brock Osweiler – Quarterback – Arizona State.  Brock is a wild card pick for the Chiefs.  The Chiefs are in desperate need for a quarterback with the upside to be a franchise quarterback.  Brock provides the upside to be a franchise quarterback do to his arm strength.  Brock, standing around 6-7 surprisingly shows great mobility for a player that big.  Also, Brock shows the ability to make all the NFL throws, but must improve his throwing mechanics. A major question that scouts have had on Osweiler is his accuracy, much of his problem comes from him mechanics.  Brock is your classic boom or bust quarterback prospect, but if handled right and given time to learn from the bench, he has a chance to be a great NFL quarterback.

5. Trumaine Johnson – Cornerback – University of Montanta.  Trumaine has been linked to chiefs recently and is supposedly visiting the Chief’s this week.  Trumaine Johnson has all the tools to be a potential shut down corner in the NFL.  He has the size at 6-2 and shows fluidity that is rare among cornerbacks with his size. However, right now Johnson is nothing more then athlete playing football. If the Chief’s were to draft him he would probably not contribute for a couple of years.  Trumaine is another classic example of a boom or bust prospect. The cornerback position has good depth which would give Johnson the time on the bench that he needs to develop.

Also, do not be surprised if the Scott Pioli and the Chiefs trade down or up to get a player that fits the teams system.

Connor Willsey

Should the Chiefs Draft Ryan Tannehill

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Many times after I have heard about any Chiefs front office moves, the end result is always me quoting the great Vince Lombardi, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE!” To actually hear legitimate reports that the Chiefs may draft (waste) their first round pick on former receiver turned quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, makes me won’t to disregard myself as a Chiefs fan. With some of the many issues under the watch of Pioli in Kansas City, I often wonder how int the world were the Patriots so successful. The talk of the Chiefs drafting Tannehill have heated up as the NFL Draft nears closer and closer, which could means two things:

1) The Chiefs are bluffing and trying to entice a team that wants Tannehill later, to trade multiple picks for his services. I like this if this is what Pioli and the front office are truly doing. Though Chiefs fans are so optimistic the Chiefs are Super Bowl bound, there are many needs on the team that make me question that optimism. I believe the whole defensive line needs to be upgraded. Yes there are guys that have played decent, I REPEAT decent, but no one currently on the roster will make Peyton Manning lose sleep because of the intense pressure they bring. Tyson Jackson and Glenn Dorsey are both in contract years, which means they will probably have their most productive season yet so they can get a new contract from either the Chiefs or increase their value in the free agent market. Last years sixth round draft, Jerrell Powe, can be a plugger at nose tackle. Standing in at 6’2″ 335 lbs, Powe’s growth will be intricate because of the 3-4 defense the Chiefs play. If the Chiefs do not believe fully in Powe, I believe there are two guys in this years draft that will bring a disruptive force at the nose tackle position just like Vince Wilfork has done for many years in New England. Michigan St. defensive Tackle Jerell Worthy and combine king, Dontari Poe, look to fit the bill as far as being quality nose tackles who can handle double sometimes triple teams and keep the offensive line off of Derrick Johnson. Both of these guys are well over 300 lbs, maybe even closer to 350, but there is a slight difference. When looking at Worthy, there is actual film of dominating games and creating havoc. He is a very explosive player off the ball and shows great strength when engaging sometimes multiple blockers. However for Poe, film does not reveal the amazing athleticism that he displayed at the NFL combine. This worries many NFL teams, but this has not stopped many GM’s from interviewing Poe. His combine alone will make him a first round pick.
Along with the defensive line, I would love for the Chiefs to pick up linebacker Luke Kuechly out of Boston College. A relentless, intelligent player, Kuechly almost had 200 tackles…. FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!!! If the Chiefs do give up that pick, and Kuechly is gone, Utah St. Bobby Wagener would not be a bad pick up. He literally kept the Utah St. defense in the game against Auburn while making plays all over the field. He is going to be a good linebacker for many years to come in the NFL. He has the size, speed, athleticism, and intelligence to perform well in Romeo’s defense along with Derrick Johnson.
2) I hate to say it, but I think the second option probably the road the Chiefs will take. They will actually draft Tannehill and believe Todd McShay when he says he can be a franchise quarterback. I don’t see it, he had an average college career after playing wide receiver before Texas A&M, as only they can, under achieved and then placed him at quarterback. The Chiefs just drafted Ricky Stanzi last year in the third round, and from reports they want Stanzi to be the guy. If that is the case, then Tannehill being drafted sounds insane to me. If they keep the pick, I truly believe they should get Stanford’s guard David DeCastro. Many scouts have said he is by far the best offensive guard in the draft. With the addition of Eric Winston, this would allow the Chiefs to form chemistry and consistency at the offensive line  that has not been seen since Priest Holmes was in the back field. If the Chiefs are so committed to drafting a quarterback, why not wait and pick up Kirk Cousins? I believe Kirk Cousins maybe the second most ready quarterback to run a pro-style offense in this years draft. He has not been talked about being drafted in the first round of the  draft, which means he could be picked up in the second and possibly third round. I just am not sold on Tannehill being the starting quarterback for the Chiefs. If we don’t draft any quarterback, hey we still have Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel. All jokes aside I thinking drafting Tannehill would not improve the quarterback position. I pray to the football gods that the Chiefs hold on to that pick or at least trade it and get a later first round and possible second or third round pick. The many people I have talked to about the possible Tannehill pick, leads me to advise Pioli to watch out for a riot on Arrowhead Drive.
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Eric Winston and the Future League Leading Rushing Attack

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With all the jubilation going on through out Kansas City, an outsider would have thought Peyton was taking a visit. Though that is not the case, Chiefs fans should be excited to hear the signing of RT, Eric Winston. The former Texan signed a four year, $22 million deal yesterday afternoon. Winston will serve as a major contributor to a highly criticized Kansas City offensive line. He is projected to replace Barry Richardson at RT.  Winston has started has started 89 consecutive games while being with Houston. His durability will prove to be vital in protecting Matt Cassel.  Coaches in Houston raved about his leadership and blocking skills, and the Chiefs can only hope he brings his production along with his experience. The Chiefs are now ready to take back the title of the best rushing team in the league. They have the power with Winston and Brandon Albert blocking for Peyton Hillis. The other aspect to the rushing attack that was missing last year was the speedy Jamaal Charles.

The Chiefs did not stop there, as moments later they came to terms with Brady Quinn. Pioli boasted of creating a quarterback competition, but many fans believe it will not involve Matt Cassel, but rather Ricky Stanzi for who holds the clipboard. Brady Quinn’s success in the NFL, or lack of, has many fans questioning why the Chiefs went after Quinn. Through training camp and the pre-season, fans will see how big of a competition this will become for the starting quarterback job. The most likely  scenario is  he creates an average backup for Cassel. Hopefully the Chiefs will continue their proactiveness in free agency and continue to make this team better. These signing set the table for a possible selection in the 2012 NFL draft for 6’4″ 346lbs DT Dontari Poe from Memphis University. While NFl executives have major concerns about Poe’s internal motor, he is viewed as the next Vince Wilfork.

Michael Rose

The BIG Question (quarterback)

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After listening to the local Kansas City radio station 610 Sports, I believe I have heard every angle of the Chiefs current quarterback situation. Outlandish fans saying we need to trade all our picks to get Peyton Manning, calm down that won’t work. Others say they should trade this years first round pick and next years as well to get the Rams number two pick, unfortunately RG3’s combine production made the asking price for his services a little higher. What about Cassel and a near $50 million dollar contract we gave him? From the looks of it, fans want to just throw Cassel out of Kansas City and start fresh at the quarterback position. Last to enter the quarterback Waltz is Ricky Stanzi, the pronounced savior of the Chiefs offense who was a steal in the third round in last years draft (that was a joke). All humor aside, who will be the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs next year. That is the question that is going around Kansas City, along with will the Royals win the World Series this year?

I doubt he was saying "I will be taking your job" Picture from:

Before Peyton Manning’s near career ending neck injury, he was arguably the most productive quarterback in the NFL, period. No one commands the attention of a defense like Peyton does, especially when he is at the line calling out fake audibles. His leadership is unquestionable, arm strength uncanny, and his knowledge of the game is one in a million for a NFL player. But a persisting neck injury sidelined him for the whole 2011-2012 season and now the Colts are considering Andrew Luck over him. I mean whoever thought the day would come that the Colts would take any other quarterback over Peyton, especially not a rookie. If the Colts do not pay Peyton the $28 million due to him by March 8th, he will become a free agent, then chaos will begin. The books in Vegas has the Chiefs at a 4/1 odds on acquiring Peyton in free agency. This is a tremendous jump from the previous 40/1 odds in January. The only team that have a better chance to get Peyton are the Dolphins, but if you compare the players that would surround Peyton the Chiefs roster would prevail.

Besides Brandon Marshall, who else does Peyton have to throw to? In Kansas City Peyton would have weapons such as Dwayne Bowe (he will sign), Steve Breaston, Baldwin, Tony Mo, and hand the ball off to Jamal Charles, pretty solid. This situation is reminiscent of when Joe Montana was let go by the 49er’s later in his career to make way for Steve Young, and came to Kansas City. Almost instantly after the move the Chiefs became heavy favorites within the division and even had Super Bowl aspirations. If the Chiefs pick up Peyton, this year may truly be “Super Bowl or Bust.”

RG3 performance at the past week’s combine was nothing less than stellar. It was expected for him to run a fast forty just because he was a former All Big XII hurdler, but seeing it was another thing. Equally impressive was the consistent reports from NFL scouts and GM’s who said Robert Griffin had great interviews and picked up the offensive and defensive concepts with ease. Those reports virtually eliminated the spread offense stereotype that said quarterbacks who played within the spread system in college would not be able to comprehend the complexity of NFL offenses. Though this was just a weekend of drills in tight shorts and shirts, but no one can deny how impressive Robert Griffin was. Saying that yesterday the Rams reportedly told NFL teams they will trade their number two pick. This created quite the frenzy for teams that are in dyer need of a franchise quarterback. The Chiefs are not that desperate for a quarterback, but the sound of RG3 in a Chiefs uniform sounds enticing. It would take a lot of draft picks to obtain the number two pick and may even require re-signing Brandon Carr just to put a cherry on top of the deal. This probable solution to the Chiefs quarterback problems would take by far the most effort and commitment.

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To say Matt Cassel was overpaid is quite frankly my opinion and most of Kansas Cities. The production just has not been $50 million dollars worth. I understand he had a LINtastic storyline backing up great quarterbacks through high school, college and the pros and finally get his chance, but I think the Chiefs took a gamble they are willing to get out of if possible. But still the fans, the great loyal people they are, want to see Cassel succeed at the Chiefs starting quarterback position. The Chiefs do not need Cassel to be Brady, Brees or Rodgers and to expect him to be like the three previously mentioned quarterbacks would set fans up to be highly disappointed. If Cassel does not perform up to the expectations Scott Pioli and Romeo Crenel have for him, this may be his last in a Chiefs uniform. Depending on how much faith they have that Cassel is the guy will determine if they make a move on Peyton or trade up to get RG3. As for Ricky Stanzi, regardless of the quarterback next year, keep the towel nearby so when the ball starts getting slick they can dry their hands.

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Tweet and Tell

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140 characters. So many and yet so few. An amount that can get a point across, but still leave things to the imagination.

Oh, the things you can do with a Tweet. Having girl problems? Tweet about it. Watching a great game? Let your followers know. Promoting a cause? Spread the word. The possibilities are endless.

And in the sports world, it’s no different; Twitter has grown in popularity among sports reporters and sports fans alike. Funny tweets, serious tweets, stat-driven tweets, insightful tweets, they’re all there for Twitter users, but, amid the thousands of accounts, the good ones can be hard to find. Here are some of the Tweets from the weekend that stood out to me, along with some commentary.


Could somebody tell the Ravens that they have a double-digit lead against TJ Yates and this game should already be over?-Bill Simmons @sportsguy33

Me: Sure, Bill, hold on I’m going to call them. Let me get them on the line.

Phone Rings

Coach Harbaugh: Who the hell is this? I’m in the middle of a game. Aunt Annie that better not be you! I told you not to call me when I’m coaching!

(to myself) Whoah! He responded. Crap! What should I say? I’ll break the ice first. you can’t go wrong with that.

Me: Hey Coach Harbaugh my name is Blase Capelli. My favorite color is green. I like playing Halo. I don’t like…

Coach Harbuagh: I don’t care what you don’t like. Why are you calling me?

Me: Well, my friend Bill wanted you to know that you have a double-digit lead and TJ Yates is basically giving you the game so it should be over by now.


Bill, all I can say is I tried.

Just threw my hip out doing the “Raji”- 3guysinagarage @3guysinagarage

Does State Farm insurance cover that hip replacement or is it just a promotional thing?

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there – with a replay to overrule a fumble!-Mike Engel @michaelengel

More like, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there- with a competent referee that can distinguish a clear fumble.

Throughout the weekend the refereeing was above average. There were no calls that changed the tide of the game, or calls that made your whole watch party yell at the television, or calls that made your Uncle Ned throw the remote at the wall. But when Greg Jennings was ruled down, and then the refs confirmed the call, it was clear Bill Leavy missed the obvious fumble call. The packers later scored on that drive, and Packers fans everywhere had their hopes up for at least one more quarter. Thanks Bill.

Ball drops are killing the Packers nearly as bad as they killed boy bands.-Faux John Madden @FauxJohnMadden

But that hasn’t stopped them: boy bands all over are Tebowing in thanks of the creation of auto tune while T-Pain looks on in approval.

Put Champ on Gronkowski… Only hope.-Nick Wright @getnickwright

Well, really, the only hope for Denver was for Tebow to utilize his divine powers as the second coming of Jesus, and through his power, curse Brady and Gronk. But then again, Tebow would never do that, because that would be a sin, right? But then he could go to Mass on Sunday and ask for forgiveness and that would be acceptable, right? Good Lord, this mix of religion and sports is confusing me.

Haley…. I know it’s you calling the office and heavy breathing in the phone. I have caller ID! It’s my office now-Romeo Crennel  @Grandpa_Romeo

Wow, this was a serious weekend for Pioli and the Chiefs. Apparently Pioli wiretapped all the phones at the Arrowhead offices. Seriously Pioli? Like the Chiefs didn’t have enough problems already? With the lack of original ideas coming out of Hollywood, I’m considering sending this recent saga from the Chiefs Organization to a movie company.

Man (Pioli) takes over organization. Hires friend (Haley). At first, the friends get along, leading the Chiefs to a playoffs appearance. But Haley sleeps with Pioli’s wife (or Pioli sleeps with Haley’s wife, take your pick really). The good friends turn into enemies, as they fight throughout the season. Haley’s fired (the apparent bad guy). Pioli hires Crennel (Crennel would mostly be in the movie for comedic effect). Later in the movie, the audience learns that Pioli wiretapped all the phones and didn’t trust Haley or anyone in the organization. Pioli (the real villain) is overthrown by rampant Chiefs fans everywhere.

As for the casting, I see Denzel Washington with an extra 50 pounds as Romeo Crennel. For Todd Haley, I like Matt Damon. Damon has that “me against everyone” role down perfectly (see Borne movies). And finally for the man himself, Pioli, I would cast Jon Favreau (I have no idea how to pronounce the last name). Although relatively unknown, he was in Iron Man 2, and he looks almost identical to Pioli, so it will work.

The recent antics of Pioli has spawned a new movie for Hollywood: Drama at Arrowhead. Photo from


Upon release of the movie, critics everywhere liken Drama at Arrowhead to Inception with its mind-boggling plot. All revenue from the movie is used to add secret cameras throughout Arrowhead, just so Pioli will know what’s going on everywhere at all hours of the day.

And for next week, if you want your tweet to be featured in this column simply tweet @kcyoungguns. It can be anything from a question to an insightful statement, from a unique observation to an insult, and everything in between. We would like to here it.

Blase Capelli