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“Tebow Time” Comes to an End

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“Tebow Time” is officially over in my mind.  I have finally given up on the man I once thought could do anything.  It is as if I was 6 years old and found out Santa Claus was not real.  Rex Ryan  decided Tim Tebow’s fate in the NFL when Ryan decided to start Greg McElroy over Tim Tebow in the final two games.  Even with speculation of Tebow going to the Jaguars next year and competing for a starting job, he will never be a true NFL quarterback.  In Jacksonville, Tebow will be used as a huge promotion.  It will work because Jacksonville is his hometown and those who live there are sure to buy his jersey no matter what.  Heck I will probably buy his jersey.

I still believe Tebow can be a good quarterback in the NFL, but he will not get a fair shot to prove it.  He will never be a good quarterback in the ways that Tom Brady or even Cam Newton are, but he will be as Joe Flacco is.  Flacco has been criticized for his statistics but still remains a good quarterback because of the wins he has.  Tebow can do the same for a specific team in a specific style.  The Wildcat is not the answer, nor is the typical drop back passing style Tim Tebow is used to.  The style that will fit for Tim is a mix between Denver’s option run type style and at Florida where they trusted Tebow’s decision making more.  The one reason I think the Jets would have been better off playing Tebow over Sanchez is because of Tebow’s decision making.  Tebow would never turn the ball over 25 times in 14 games like Sanchez was able to.
Tebow Time
Call me crazy but I believe that the Kansas City Chiefs would be an ideal fit for Tim Tebow. While this will most likely never happen, I think it could work.  With the Chiefs, he would be able to rely on a strong defense and amazing running game.  The option run with Charles could work even better than it did with Broncos and Willis McGahee.  In short yardage, defenses would have to worry about Peyton Hillis and Tebow.  One thing the Chiefs have that the Broncos and the Jets did not is Dwayne Bowe.  At Florida, Tim had Percy Harvin as his go-to receiver.  When Tebow has a dominant receiver, he has success.  Tebow was never comfortable with the receivers for the Jets or the Broncos for good reasons.  With Bowe on the outside and an athletic Tony Moeaki at tight end, teams would not be able to stack eight or even nine players in the box.  Moeaki would finally be able to use his skill set with Tebow.  The Chiefs would use Moeaki as Aaron Hernandez was used at Florida with the option pass in which Moeaki runs behind the line along with Tebow and Charles to create three options for Tebow. While yes, he can’t throw a spiral to save his life but after watching him since his Freshman year at Florida, he gets the job done. He will complete the passes in crunch time to keep drives going as he proved in the overtime victory against the Steelers in the playoff last year.

The only true chance of Tebow going to the Chiefs is on Madden with me as the controller.  This is still something the Chiefs should at least look at because of how cheap Tebow will be at the end of the season.  All I want for Christmas is Tebow to get a fair shot in the NFL to prove that he can win for some team.  Since there is not an elite quarterback in this years draft, the Chiefs could get Tebow and be the next destination for “Tebow Time”.

Spencer Montgomery

Tebow and the Jets

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With all the media attention that the Jets have received the past week, they have shown why they will struggle this year. First, Tebow and Sanchez struggled immensely throwing the ball so far during training camp. Next, Antonio Cromartie claimed he could be the number 2 wide receiver for the Jets. While I do think he could play wide receiver, he could not be the second best receiver. With comments flying around the locker room, the Jets have shown exactly why last season exploded in their face when Santonio Holmes quit on his team. Holmes is currently hurt with a bruised rib. Although Rex Ryan looks good losing tons of weight, he will add fuel to this seasons troubles with Tebow and Sanchez. Rex will say many things that add to the conversation of when will Tebow start.

The Jets will start with a win at home against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets will rely on the running game and the strong defense. Next up are at the Steelers. The Jets will not be able to power run against the Steelers. The Steelers will win the game. The Jets will start 3-5 and will head into their bye week trailing the Patriots. If the Jets lose to the Seahawks in week 10, Tebow should be allowed to start week 11 at the Rams. Not because he deserves it but because I will be at the game. Up until week 10 I think the Jets will not use Tebow much in some games and use him as much as a third down back in others.

The Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano will be huge for the Jets. He will keep a great balance between Tebow and Sanchez. Sparano, the creator of the Wildcat with the Dolphins will not be able to run the exact same type of Wildcat because Tebow is not as fast as Rickey Williams and Ronnie Brown. Tebow will be forced to pick his holes between the tackles.  In the end I do not see Tebow ever starting a game and the Jets will finish 7-9. The controversy between Tebow and Sanchez will carry on the whole season while the media should be talking about how well the defense will play.

As always, Go Tebow

Spencer Montgomery

AFC East Projections

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New England Patriots – The Patriots have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL.  However, their defense is atrocious being the second worst defense in yards allowed.  The Patriots focused on their defense in this years draft, especially on their pass rushing need.  The Patriots drafted Chandler Jones, a defensive end and Dont’a Hightower a linebacker, both  great at going after the quarterback.  I expect the Patriots defense to be a vastly improved in the 2012 season.

Prediction 13-3

New York  Jets –  The Jets finished a disappointing 8-8 this past season and missed the playoffs.  The Jets will be looking for revenge. The teams defense and offense should improve this season.  The Jets defense was good last season, but the expectations were so high, they could not be achieved.  I expect the Jets to have a top five defense this season.  The offense has been a work and progress these past three years.  They have a young quarterback in Mark Sanchez who shows flashes of being a good NFL quarterback, but isn’t consistent enough yet.   I expect the Jets to run the ball a lot more and have a more balanced offense.

Prediction 11-5

Buffalo Bills- The Bills are going to have a tough time competing in this division.  The bills have a talented team and have an incredibly talented defensive line.  However, the Bills must be more consistent this year.  Last season the Bills started 3-0 beating the Chiefs, Patriots, and Raiders, but they finished the season 6-10.  The Bills must get more offensive playmakers especially at the wide receiver position.  Besides Stevie Johnson, the Bills don’t have another dependable wide receiver.

Prediction 8-8

Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins are going to have a tough time finishing over .500 this year.  They are in a hard division and traded away Brandon Marshall, their best playmaker on offense.  On top of that, the Dolphins will probably be starting a rookie quarterback midway through the season.   The Dolphins will also have an inconsistent defense this season.  The only thing the Dolphins will be able to do well this year is run the ball.

Prediction 4-12

Connor Willsey