The Badass Column: spring break chilling

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And so it begins. Spring Break 2012. Where boys become men. Where the day and night fuse into one big party. Where even McLovin can get some love. And then there are the troopers still at home and not on vacation. Bored and yet entertained by the jerzathon. Paradox? I think so.

Luckily for all of us stay-at-homers there are sports and more specifically college basketball. With the start of Spring Break comes the finish of conference championship tournaments and the soon to start NCAA tournament first round.

Sharpen your pencil boys (and girls).

MU vs Baylor Game

Ya I was at the MU Baylor game. I called a couple of people who called a couple of friends who asked their mom and somehow I managed to get my hands on some tickets, and the spots weren’t too shabby either.

My thoughts from the game.

1) Flip (Phil) Pressy is one of the best ballhanders I’ve seen, but is totally useless at the end of games because he can’t make his free throws, and Baylor knew that, fouling him when the ball was in his hands and forcing him to make his free throws (he missed a couple).

2) Michael Dixon might cost Tigers a game in the NCAA Tournament. Don’t get me wrong, the guy can flat out score, but he has some bad habits. One, he can get a little carried away handling the ball when a simple pass could easily penetrate the defense. And two, he turns the ball over a little too much.

3) The Bears will only ever be an above average team. As long as Scott Drew is the head coach for the Baylor Bears they will never become a “great” team. Take for instance his handling of timeouts in the Big 12 Championship Game. He decided to call a timeout at the 15: 34 mark in the 2nd half, leaving him with only 1 timeout left. The players go out on the court, and 15 seconds later after the ball goes out of bounds, there’s the 15 minute tv timeout. Talk about poor time management. The Bears had 1 timeout left with 15 minutes left. Not good.

4) The fans behind me were annoying. I hate when fans act like “know-it-all’s.” News flash, the refs are going to make bad calls, and you yelling at them will not change the call in any way. No matter how many times you call them a worthless jack@#$, this will not change the call. Yes, it’s true.

5) Perry Jones is the biggest mystery since the Hardy Boys graced my presence. One game he’ll score 32 points and the next game he’ll seem nonexistent.

6) Chanting Sec at the end of the game was classless. I’m sorry Mizzou fans but please save it for later. Thank you.

               Peyton Manning

Let the feeding frenzy begin my friends. Peyton Manning is on the loose and his potential suitors are putting their final touches of make-up to impress him. The Chiefs should not be one of those suitors. Before you label this as blasphemous, I think you should let the better side of reasoning control you’re thinking right now. With the Chiefs, yes, they need quarterback, and they need him now, but how wise would it be to pick up Peyton Manning. He’ll cost a considerable amount, he’s 36 years old, and he’s coming off an injured neck, not a broken arm or a hurt toe, an injured neck that has reportedly taken  three surgeries to fix.

The Denver Post reported that Peyton Manning declined a visit to Kansas City and Seattle. Photo from:

To me this all adds up to a Linsaster (you thought I forgot about him…you thought wrong.). If the Chiefs ever want to be a serious Super Bowl contender they need to draft a quarterback. And no a fifth rounder on Ricky “how was I behind Tyler Palko on the depth chart last season” Stanzi will not cut it. If the Chiefs ever want to reach that upper echelon of teams (think Packers, Steelers, Patriots, Giants), they need to spend a considerable amount of commodities and get Robert Griffin III. Because even if they do get Manning, and he does pan out well the first season, how long will he last after that first season? Maybe one or two years. (I realize quarterbacks could play well into their forties, but do we really want an aging quarterback for the next 5 years and possibly suffer through a Brett Favre saga?) So Chiefs fans need to realize that Peyton Manning not coming to Kansas City it is not the end all be all for the Chiefs next season, and he probably won’t because the Denver Post reported that he declined a visit to the Chiefs.

Tomorrow, I’ll discuss why you shouldn’t be watching ESPN these next few days before you fill out your bracket. Stay tuned

Blase Capelli